Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The big spoon

On my birthday, back in November, I wanted to go to O'Charley's for supper.  David wasn't in town, so it was just the kids and me.  I felt sure that I could talk them into going wherever I wanted.  It was MY day, after all.  So I was talking all week about wanting to go to O'Charley's.  I love the potato soup, the sweet tea, and of course caramel pie for dessert.  The perfect birthday meal, at least that is what I thought.

No, Spencer was adamant that we should go to Red Robin (that is HIS favorite place to celebrate HIS birthday).  I was still pushing for O'Charley's until my awesome friend Tricia delivered O'Charley's caramel pie to my door during the day.  So no matter what, I was getting my pie.  At that point, I let go of my plan and decided to go with the flow.

So we headed to Red Robin where my son wanted to take me for my birthday supper. 
We walked in and before the hostess could ask us how many, Spencer announced that it was my birthday.  She laughed and seated us.
The waiter approaches our table and before he could even introduce himself, Spencer made sure that he knew that it was my birthday.  He laughed and went to get our drinks.

I was a healthy mix of embarrassed by his calling so much attention to me and touched that he was so happy to celebrate with me.

We got situated in our booth and the kids brought out the items that they had packed to bring. 
(They grab things as we leave the house.  They always act like we are never coming home again.)
Jessa unpacked her La La Loopsy friends and got them all settled.  I believe they ordered an omelet.
 Oh, and her ponies, of course.  Because what is more fun than ponies!

Then Spencer started playing with what he brought.
I was puzzled. 
But then again, this is the kid that wears one blue rubber dish glove to the store and carries a soup ladle to a meeting.
I don't question him.
And I was happy because the thing he brought blended right in with some other items on our table.
I mean, the large spoon he brought immediately bonded with his Red Robin knife and Red Robin fork.

We all ate our suppers.  And Spencer kept a close eye on the kitchen throughout the meal.

Then, the moment he has been waiting for, a group of Red Robin employees headed for our table to sing and clap and call attention to me.
As soon as they finished singing and deposited my ice cream, it all became clear to me.
Spencer did not want to make my birthday special.
Spencer did not want to help me celebrate.
Spencer did not randomly choose a strange item to take to supper with us.
It was all premeditated.
He had a plan.
The kid brought the big spoon.
Happy Birthday to ME!