Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Where's Stewart?

We have been married for 14 years.  We have been on active duty in the Army for 14 years.  Thus, we have just completed our 9th military move.  We always operate a little differently each time we move.  This time, we chose to let the children have a fun 2 weeks at Camp May and Bay while we packed and cleaned and loaded and unloaded and unpacked.  They have a short summer anyway, and I wanted them to have some fun.  We also opted to let Stewart stay in GA with May and Bay as well.  I have heard too many horror stories of frightened cats getting packed in a box or hiding in the underside of furniture.

After the allotted 2 week period, I couldn't wait to see the babies and Stewart!  I brought them all back to the new house.  The house that was full of boxes, except for 3 spaces that were all ready.  Jessa's room, Spencer's room, AND Stewart's area were unpacked and set up.  The new baby gate was in place to keep Stewart safe from Max, who wants to eat him.  So he will spend the days safely in the back of the house, and at night, when the dogs are in bed, he will have the run of the house.  Everything was as it should be.  But still, I always worry about all of the furries adjusting to a new home.  And I hate the "unsettled" feeling that I have when there are still boxes everywhere.

I needn't have worried about Stewart.  Each morning for the first few days, we had a great time trying to find him.  He was always somewhere in the house, in an odd spot.  He LOVES all the empty shelves and boxes and oddly placed furniture.  He may not wear a hat, glasses, and a red and white striped shirt, but we are enjoying searching for him way more than silly old Waldo!
Here are a few shots of the cutest places we have found him. 
"Empty bookshelves?  So comfy!"
"Sideways couch?  Yes, please!"
"Desk, smesk!  I need to rest!"
"Now this is the best spot.  I kind of like the top bunk!"

Moving is such fun, wouldn't you agree??