Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looks can be deceiving

I have mentioned a few times before that just before Christmas, our family adopted a new family member, our Westie puppy, Molly. She is lots of fun and into everything. She makes everyday a challenge, and many times, the challenges are fun. And she is precious! Let me tell you, those big, dark eyes looking up at you surrounded by all that soft, white puppy fur, I melt. We all love having this little sweetheart around. Rarely do we have a dull day around here. She is still up to her keep away tricks, but oh my, wait until you hear what this sweet precious puppy just did.

Yesterday, I came home from the commissary and I was in the process of unloading groceries. I tossed a 6 pack of toilet paper into the hall by the downstairs bathroom. I finished putting away all the other kitchen type things and headed upstairs with a bag of stuff to put away. While I was up there, I worked on folding some laundry. Miss Molly ended up coming upstairs, too. Only she was downstairs by herself for a little while. I thought nothing of it. She spends lots of time alone when I am our running around. She does OK.

She crawled into our unmade bed to take a nap (don't judge me). She seemed worn out. Guess she had been having a busy day or something. Our vet always says that puppies have 2 speeds: on and off. I guess she needed to turn off and rest.

So this is the sweet puppy that was napping in my bed:

Adorable, no?

And a little while later, I needed to go downstairs for something.

When I got down there, I saw this:


I didn't notice any tissue on the floor before.


So upstairs, there is this precious lump of canine cuteness:

I guess she was resting after she did this:

But you can see where I might get confused, right?


I mean, how can something as peaceful and darling as this:

do something like this:

For her sake, I am pretty glad that she looks like this:

BUT looks can be pretty darn deceiving, you know??

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Does this look like the face of an almost Kindergartner??

After obtaining yet another proof of residency, an eye exam, a dental exam, a physical, and four shots, he will be registered for Kindergarten on Tuesday.

Where did the time go??

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An angel on my shoulder

**warning: not sure why, but this post will not show my returns to make new paragraphs. Think stream of consciousness. . .** Y'all things have been nuts around here. I have barely had time to think. Actually, I haven't even had time to think, thus things have been even more difficult! Today my to do list was a mile long. I had everything carefully choreographed so that I could get Jessa off to school, do a few things around here, take Spencer to school, attend a 9:15 meeting, go to Walgreen's to pick up some picture posters for Jessa's school and do a little Easter shopping, head to the teacher store to pick up paper for a project for Jessa's school, pick Spencer up from his school. Then I headed home to pick up a few things and drop off the candy that would melt in the car. I fed Spencer a quick lunch and then we were off again. We went to Leap of Faith to pick up some new Resurrection Eggs for Awana tomorrow night and then to the pediatrician. (This was our last stop in our preparation to register for KINDERGARTEN, after already visiting the Optometrist and the Dentist.) After trying not to cry with him as he got the dreaded vaccines that clear him for school, we hurried to Target to pick up a few things I needed for church tomorrow and of course prizes for the boy who took his shots like a champ. The check out took forever, so then I was racing home to get Jessa off the bus. Fearing I would not make it, I had a friend convince the bus driver to let Jessa go home with her so she would not panic if I was not home. Once we were all back together at home, I had a nice Skype chat with my Daddy as he attempted to help me make a rainbow for a bulletin board. I tidied up a little and then David came home to grab the kids for me. I finished getting most of supper ready as I headed out the door to a school board meeting. I got home about 7:30, I got everyone fed while David finished up planting the beautiful flowers that he and the kiddos picked out. And I had a few more things I needed to do on the computer before I headed up to get the kids in bed. I was also getting the jellybeans ready to sort for yet another Awana project for tomorrow night to help my Cubbies celebrate Easter. I had one more pretty big printing project to go before I headed up. I got it all ready and clicked print. Nothing happened. I clicked it again. The printer said I was out of paper, which I KNEW was not true because I had just loaded special paper for my project. I started to get a little upset and bothered. I mean, I have so much to do and I don't need this. Why was the printer not cooperating? I unplugged it and plugged it back in. This usually helps. It did not work this time. I was irritated at the prospect of having to shut down the computer to try to get everything to work right. So I was about to save my work again, just to be sure, you know before I shut down. And then I noticed that I had typed "March" instead of "April." A pretty big mistake since I was about to print multiple copies to be distributed at Jessa's school tomorrow. I smiled and changed the word "March" to the word "April" in every spot that it was written. And then without doing anything else, I clicked print again. Know what? It worked! And then I grinned and thought that there must have been an angel sitting on my shoulder saving me from printing the wrong thing. And then I thought about how many other times today that my angels had to be looking out for me to make sure that I got everything that I needed to do finished. That we made it to all of our appointments on time. That Spencer would be so brave for his yucky shots. That my friend was home to get Jessa off the bus. That the bus driver let Jessa get off at the wrong stop without a note. And I felt pretty darn blessed. I find myself complaining about how crazy things are or how busy I am, and I need little moments like this to remind me how great I have it. Thank You God for my wonderfully crazy busy life filled with fun and laughter and snuggles and sticky hands and too many commitments. Thank You for my awesome family and my precious friends. Even though I am usually a little frazzled and always a little behind, I wouldn't trade my life for anything else in the world.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Jess and Spence are tired after a long day at school. Molly is happy to relax with her children. She really misses them when they are at school. . .