Thursday, October 14, 2010


Spencer Key. He is 4, people. 4. Yet he says things sometimes that make me wonder. Well, it really makes me question his upbringing. I mean, only a child with awful heathen parents would speak the way this child does. Say the things he does.

David has taken to calling him a "Mini Buddha" because he always has these really wise nuggets to share. And they always come out of no where. Like last week, I was speaking loudly to a man outside of my car. He was at a crosswalk motioning for me to go. Dude, that is so not the point of a crosswalk. And I am always afraid that the motioning walker will change his mind and then I will run him over. Or what if someone sees me blowing through said crosswalk and they did not see the walker motion to me to go on. Now they think I am a heel. See what I mean. Crosswalks are where pedestrians have the right of way. Got that Mister Man? Well, at the time, Spencer remained silent in the backseat. But today, we were sitting at a light and he out of the clear blue sky says, "Momma, maybe that man who told you to go the other day thought we were in a hurry like we had to get to a meeting or something. Maybe that is why he let you go before he crossed the street." Wow. OK, son, maybe so.

But he also says things that are pretty funny. And by funny, I mean bordering on disrespectful, but he is so darn cute when he says them that I overlook the kinda disrespectful part. I was getting emotional about something to do with him growing up too fast and being a big boy. And my sweetheart looked at me with a big grin and said, "Get a hold of yourself, Woman!" And the tender, emotional moment passed.

One afternoon after a soccer practice, David drove us to our car because he got a way closer place. And let's face it, walking with my children makes things take like forever. So we all hop in for a quick ride to the van. And as we leave David's vehicle, Spencer sticks his head back into the car and yells to David, "Thanks for the ride, Pork Chop!" No clue where he got that from. A tad disrespectful, maybe. Pretty dang funny, yep.

Another day we were all leaving the vet's office. Jessa, Max, and I were already outside. Spencer turns around, sticks his smart mouth back into the vet's office and hollers "Peace!" to the clients still waiting. He is 4. I blame TV.

Then David was talking about going somewhere and Spencer said to him, "OK, Daddy, am I going to come with?" Is he in high school?Does he live in Los Angeles? "come with," really?

He is still pretty sweet, though. I caught him rooting around in the fridge the other day about 12:30. And I asked him, "What are you doing?" And he said, "Getting a drink for Jessa." I said, "Uh, son, Jessa won't be home for 3 hours." He said, "I know, but I just want to get ready." I managed to talk him into waiting a couple more hours.

And the last one, he was playing with his cars and a certain car did something pretty cool and I heard him holler, "BOO-YAH!" And when I got tickled at him, he said, "Mom, that's something that big boys say. And I am a big boy."

Boo-yah, indeed.


The Stahl Family said...

Get a hold of yourself woman is my favorite.

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