Friday, August 12, 2011

Fashion tips?

We had just gotten back from Hawaii on Thursday. I had to get up early to take Max to the vet. So I got up, showered, got dressed in comfy clothes. I mean, I was in no way close to being over the whole time change, so there was no need to get all gussied up, right? I was just going to the vet. So Max and I headed out and took card of business. I came back home and did a few things around the house. And then about 11, I realized that David, Jessa, and Spencer were all still in the bed. The house was quiet. So what did I do? Yep, I went upstairs and climbed back in the bed! I slept a few more hours, still in my comfy clothes (knit pants and a long sleeved t-shirt). Late in the afternoon, David suggested that we all go bowling. I thought that sounded like fun. And the kids are always up for a night at the lanes. So I hollered at them to get dressed. Yes, they were somewhat dressed. I mean, they were not naked. Spencer actually still had on jommies. But normally before we leave the house, I like for everyone to look at least somewhat presentable. 
They both head to their bedrooms to get cleaned up to go out. I considered changing my clothes, but then I decided, hey, it's just bowling. So I did not heed my own advice.
Jessa walked back into our room holding something that looked like jeans. She brought them right over to me and asked if she could wear them. I looked closer, and it was overalls. My first thought was where did she get those? I have not bought overalls in years. I asked her what size were the overalls in her hand. She looked and looked and found the size. 3T. Yep. My 7 1/2 year old daughter with a closet full of clothes in HER size wanted to wear some 3T overalls. Out. In public. I said, well, you can try them on. In my head, I am thinking that there is no way that she will even be able to get them on her body.
Well, she got them on, but she had me help her fasten them.
I thought there was no way she'd be comfortable enough to actually wear them.
She said she was.  She has called my bluff.
I decided to just go with it.
Then she chose her footwear.
And well,
this is what she looked like:
Overalls are a size 3T, people!

And as we were walking out the door, she looked over at me in my knit pants and t-shirt and said,
Mom, are you going to wear that?
Right backatcha, little girl.


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