Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bus Music

Jessa Lynn LOVES riding the bus. That has been her favorite part of going to school, hands down. Well, she liked PE, too, but I still think the bus is #1. She had the sweetest bus driver last year. She was patient with all of the kiddos on our street. She would stop 2 or 3 times to pick up the stragglers. BUT she retired at the end of last year. So we have a new bus driver. And we LOVE her, too! She is younger and really outgoing. She get a kick out of Jessa because she is NOT a morning person. At all. In the mornings, Jessa will barely grunt at her. But in the afternoons, she is her bubbly, talkative self. On about the 3rd day of school, the driver asked me, "Is she not a morning person?" And I laughed and said, "Not at all!" So now it is a funny little game that we play, trying to get Jessa to crack a smile in the mornings.

Well, one afternoon last week, when Jessa was getting off the bus, her driver mentioned to me that she was trying to play music, but she was having trouble finding something that all the kids liked. My Jessa went straight into the house and pulled out her Justin Bieber CD and her Taylor Swift CD and put them in her backpack. She said she did not want to forget.

The next morning rolled around and she was almost chipper going to get on the bus. The bus pulled up, Jessa got on and pulled out her CD selections. I was fully prepared for the driver to politely decline her choices. I was even prepared to console her if she was disappointed. Well, I needn't have worried. The driver closed the doors, but she did not even pull away from the stop until one of Jessa's CDs was loaded into her bus CD player! It tickled me to death. And Jessa was sitting in the first seat, beaming with pride as they drove away.

That afternoon, the bus pulled up.
Then the doors opened.
And the driver had the biggest smile on her face when she saw me and she hollered,
"Bieber Fever!"
A very pleased Jessa got off the bus and headed home.

Our Jessa, she can even control what music her bus driver plays. . .

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