Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spencer + Pre K = Silence?

Things have been so crazy and busy, oh, and also busy and crazy around here that I have not posted about my baby boy's starting to school this year. I am just bad, and that is all there is to it. So, here we go, several weeks after the big first day: a post about Spencer's first day. . .

Spencer was more than ready to start to school this year. Jessa's district started really early, so she was in school weeks before he was. Every week, he would ask if it was time. And I had to tell him no. Finally, the day arrived.
I was happy that he was going back to the same school that we went to last year. He was happy, too. Jessa was already reaping the benefits of being a returning student. She was so thrilled to already know "the ropes." So we got up on the big day and got ready to go. The first day was called orientation and all the parents were required to stay. Spencer was not thrilled about this. He kept saying, "Mom. Just go in and drop me off." And I kept telling him that they said I had to stay.

Oh, wait, before I continue, the obligatory first day shots:
the whole Spencer shot
the close up "cheese"
the walking in shot
at the front door
So all the way through the parking lot, he keeps telling me to go home and not stay. We get to the door, we walk in, and he saw his classroom from last year. His teacher from last year was so happy to see him. She hugged him real quick, and we set off to wash our hands. (His school is serious about clean hands.) After we wash our hands, Spencer turns to go back to his classroom from last year. And I said, "Oh, no, buddy, you go to the Pre K class this year." And his face looked shocked. Then his lip poked out. Then tears welled up in his sweet eyes. And as we headed into his NEW classroom, my sweet independent child who did not want me to stay at school was sitting on the floor clinging to my leg. Yep. He decided it was cool for me to stay after all.
So we had an iffy orientation day. He reluctantly sat in the circle. He played along with everything as long as he did not have to say anything. And when it was time to go, he raced me to the car. And as we drove away, he informed me that he had changed his mind: he did want to go to school after all.
Fast forward to day 2. The first full day of school. No mommies allowed. He was telling me the whole way that he did not wish to continue in school. Apparently, he had learned all he needed to learn in preschool. He slowly went into the doors. He slowly washed his hands, with a pitiful look upon his face. We headed toward his classroom. And per his teacher's instructions, we hugged and kissed at the door. And he headed slowly into the classroom, and I turned to leave. Then I heard a ruckus, and when I looked back, I saw Spencer break away from his teacher and start to chase me out of the building. I had to walk my sad son back to the room and give him one more hug as his teacher pried him off of me. I then had to run to my car to keep the other mothers from seeing me cry!
I anxiously awaited the time to pick him up. I went into the building and waited outside his room. When it was time to go, he ran to me and hugged me. As we were walking to the car, I asked him how was his day. He did not say anything. So to try and spark a conversation, I asked what did they have for snack. He said, "Raisins. And you know that I do not like raisins." And so I asked if he had fun on the playground. And my sweet boy said, "Mom. Do not speak of it." I tried hard to not ask anymore questions, but I wanted to know that he was OK. I wanted to hear about the things that I missed. I wanted to know that the teachers were nice and the kids were friendly. I had lost hours of his life and I HAD to know what happened. So I tried once more to ask something about circle time and he said, "MOM! I told you that I do not want to talk about it." So we rode home in silence.
I am happy to report that all is well with Spencer, school, and his class now. He likes his teachers and his friends. And I am even allowed to ask about school. Oh, and so far, they have not made the mistake of trying to serve him raisins again. Whew.

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kate said...

SO CUTE!!! I loved this post. I can totally picture everything you described.