Monday, November 15, 2010

She's not 6.

I did not do my usual emotional birthday post this year for Jessa. I am not sure why except that I was too darn busy celebrating the child to sit around and write about it. Things have been extra crazy for the crazy Keys. The PTO is my third child these days. I LOVE it, though. I have met so many awesome people who are excited about their children and helping the school. And I am still pretty involved with Awana, too. So basically, things are always busy!

But the week of Jessa's birthday, we focused on Jessa, Jessa, and more Jessa. Her favorite kind of week, I must say. And if she was not spoiled before, I am thinking that she is pretty much a lost cause now.

The week long celebration began on the Saturday before her birthday when May arrived from Georgia with a trunk FULL of presents from all the GA folks. She was the representative from the GA contingent. Sunday was her party with friends from school. She decided on Chuck E. Cheese. In case you did not know this, time goes slower in a Chuck E. Cheese than most any other place. It is sort of like the Bermuda Triangle of restaurants. She was absolutely off the wall, batty, crazy, EXCITED. She could not walk anywhere. She sort of glided.
The Crazy Keys at Chuck E. Cheese (if you say it right, it's a rhyme.)
Look at that grin! She is a pretty happy birthday girl!
Spencer was sad. I had just told him that we were not giving Jessa her present from the family until later. He did not want to be the only one there who did not give her a gift. . .
The Birthday Queen
Then on Monday, I took her a Happy Meal to school for lunch. No pictures, but she ate every crumb and was thrilled that I came to lunch.

Tuesday, we took her out for a family supper to the place of her choosing. She picked Red Robin. David was leaving in Wednesday morning on a trip, so we had to celebrate early. They sang. She got a spoon with a balloon on it. Yay!

When we got home, she opened all her presents and we sang to her. Again. And she had cake. Again. This time it was a homemade red velvet cake. For some reason, that is her favorite. So of course, I made it.

Then on Wednesday, her actual birthday, it was Fall Party Day at school. Good timing, right? Well she had a great day at school. And since we did not have anything else planned, we went to Toys R Us. She had some birthday money burning a hole in her pocket. And we have never gotten the birthday treatment at Toys R Us before. I would highly recommend it!

She loved the periodic announcements over the loud speaker reminding everyone to wish her a happy birthday.
Then on Thursday, Spencer had school, but Jessa didn't. It was Fall Conferences for her district. We took her out for chocolate donuts for breakfast. Then May and I took her to the salon for a morning of beauty. I wanted to do something with just her. Spencer and I get to have lunch and run errands and hang out all the time. But I never get to just hang with Jessa anymore.

Oh my! She so enjoyed the special treatment.
And she picked out her own alternating colors.

Her nails even had some stickers.
She was very patient for her "styling."
And just look at the results:

So we had a great week celebrating the Jessa's birth. Don't you think?

And she is officially impossible to live with! But she is worth it.

BUT the funniest part is that she is OBSESSED with being 7. She leads with that when she sees people now.
An example:
"Hey, Jessa, how are you?"
"I'm 7."
"Oh, ok, but how are you?"
"I'm not 6."

Alrighty then!
She is sassy and seven!
Here is how she signed a thank you card for her soccer coach the weekend after her birthday:

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