Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Comic Relief

Y'all. Those darned carrier monkeys struck again. My children come home each day crawling with germs that they pick up at school. And they usually get a touch of something and move on. But the older, slower grown-ups in their little lives always get sicker and for longer (especially May). So the littlest Key aka carrier monkey brought home a cold. He is pretty much over it. I AM NOT. I am so miserable and full of snot. I have wonderful drugs that make me feel better only I cannot take them when I am expected to function. So I can either take these wonderful concoctions OR drive Spencer to school. Well, even though HE did do this to me, I still took him to school.

Anyway, I feel yucky. My throat is raw. My ears click every time I swallow. My back hurts from coughing. And I just made it through a long day of all sorts of running around. I even made it thorough the night at Awana with the most precious little children. And even though I love them dearly, I am wiped out.

So Spencer and Jessa and I were driving home from church and our usual Subway dinner. It is cold and dark and windy and rainy. And I am just trying to get us home. I am coughing and sneezing. I look up and I see an SP (it is like an Air Force Police Officer). He is sitting at the end of a street in our neighborhood. Out of habit, I let off the gas and check my speed. I was going right at 15, which is the speed limit in our housing area. So I went on.

Right as we pass the street where he was sitting, Spencer noticed him and proceeded to panic.

Spencer: MOM! LOOK! There is a policeman RIGHT THERE!
Me: Yes, son. I know. I saw him.
Spencer: BUT MOM! What is he doing here?
Me: I don't know. I bet he is out on patrol.
(FYI: The SPs drive through our neighborhood many times throughout the day and night to keep an eye on things.)
Spencer: Patrol? What's that?
Me: It is just part of their job to drive around and protect us.
Spencer: Protect us? From what?
And before I coould open my mouth to say something in response, my wise daughter chimed in from the back seat.
Jessa: They are protecting us from everything, like bears and snakes and even rats.
Spencer: Oh. OK.
Me: (stifled giggles)

I love my babies because even when I am full of snot and exhausted, a simple conversation can make me laugh and my heart smile!

Now, I just took some wonderful medication that will make me stop coughing and SLEEP.
And I will sleep so well knowing that there are dedicated police officers on duty out in the world to protect me from bears, snakes, and even rats.

Good Night. (giggle)

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Rene' Breeden said...

How sweet. I hope you feel better but I bet those two keep you busy. And Jessa has a good imagination. lol