Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looks can be deceiving

I have mentioned a few times before that just before Christmas, our family adopted a new family member, our Westie puppy, Molly. She is lots of fun and into everything. She makes everyday a challenge, and many times, the challenges are fun. And she is precious! Let me tell you, those big, dark eyes looking up at you surrounded by all that soft, white puppy fur, I melt. We all love having this little sweetheart around. Rarely do we have a dull day around here. She is still up to her keep away tricks, but oh my, wait until you hear what this sweet precious puppy just did.

Yesterday, I came home from the commissary and I was in the process of unloading groceries. I tossed a 6 pack of toilet paper into the hall by the downstairs bathroom. I finished putting away all the other kitchen type things and headed upstairs with a bag of stuff to put away. While I was up there, I worked on folding some laundry. Miss Molly ended up coming upstairs, too. Only she was downstairs by herself for a little while. I thought nothing of it. She spends lots of time alone when I am our running around. She does OK.

She crawled into our unmade bed to take a nap (don't judge me). She seemed worn out. Guess she had been having a busy day or something. Our vet always says that puppies have 2 speeds: on and off. I guess she needed to turn off and rest.

So this is the sweet puppy that was napping in my bed:

Adorable, no?

And a little while later, I needed to go downstairs for something.

When I got down there, I saw this:


I didn't notice any tissue on the floor before.


So upstairs, there is this precious lump of canine cuteness:

I guess she was resting after she did this:

But you can see where I might get confused, right?


I mean, how can something as peaceful and darling as this:

do something like this:

For her sake, I am pretty glad that she looks like this:

BUT looks can be pretty darn deceiving, you know??


The Hines Family said...

I cannot stop laughing! That is terrible but SO funny!

eric said...

It looks like you bought the wrong toilet paper; I think she is trying to tell you something!

aishwarya iyer said...

Your dog is SO cute.I really like your style of writing.

I am a budding poet.Visit my blog if you feel like it.

surabhi said...

cuteee pie..even i had a dog....