Monday, January 31, 2011

Keep Away: Puppy Style

Molly. is. bad. She is sooooo puppy. She is lucky that she is so precious because she really is so bad. She picked up on how to use the doggie door super fast. Watching Max and Abby and Cooper use it over Christmas was valuable teaching time. She is all over it. She is in and out all the time.

Now do not confuse this in and out business with being housebroken. She will play outside for 30 minutes, come inside and tee-tee right on the carpet. We are still working on it. BUT the doggie door thing coming so early is pretty cool. When (and if) she does ever grasp the whole potty outside thing, the doggie door knowledge will be even more useful, right? Right??

Well, she is also using the doggie door to just be bad. She is a puppy, so she is always chewing on things. At times, I look and realize that the things that she is chewing on are not terribly appropriate. So I go to reach to grab the item, and she sprints across the house and dives out the doggie door to safety. Nice, Molly. She is too smart for her own good.
Anyway, we have had so much snow lately that the yard itself was not even visible buried beneath the residual snow. Well, it warmed up this weekend. The snow melted. And this afternoon I was shocked at all the items that little Miss Molly had hauled outside for "safe keeping." She had them all spread out all over the yard. I walked around for a minute or two and collected a pile of Molly treasures that she is trying to keep away from us.

Are you ready for the craziness?? (see key below)

1. Chewed open Ziploc bag that had some Chocolate Chips in it
2. The sock that she pulled off my foot and then ran away
3. A penguin dog toy
4. A monkey dog toy
5. A tennis ball
6. Spencer's missing glove
7. A tennis ball/barbell dog toy
8. Jessa's brush
9. A garden trowel
10. Jessa's baseball
11. A squishy toy ray
12. A to-go kids cup
13. A change purse
14. A water bottle
15. A small tire from one of Spencer's cars
16. A fruit roll up wrapper - empty :-(
17. A Nestle crunch wrapper - also empty :-(
18. Half of a to-go cup top
19. A plastic tea set plate


Molly is keeping us all on our toes.
And after seeing her stash, I am thinking we need to step up our game.

Like I said, she is lucky that she looks like this:

How can I be mad at that face?

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