Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Steps

I love the way our district eases you into school.  I am not a rip the band-aid off kind of girl.  I always slowly peel it off, so the way they do things works for me.  We had an orientation last week for Kindergarten Parents Only.  We got to sit in their chairs and hear all about what to expect from the upcoming, milestone year.  Spencer and I were both THRILLED to find that he will have the same teacher for Kindergarten that Jessa had.

The next little step is the partial First Day of School. 
I got up extra early to make first day of school pancakes.  I borrowed an idea from an old friend, Jill who made special pancakes for her kids first day of school:
Jessa's: a "2" for 2nd grade.
Spencer's: a "K" for Kindergarten.

Jessa came running in at 6:15.  She was fully dressed with socks and shoes.  Her hair was brushed and pulled back into a ponytail.  She scared me half to death because I did not know anyone else was even up!  She was ready for her breakfast and to get this first day started.

David was headed out to catch a flight, but he was happy to pose for a quick pic.

Spencer was a little slower to wake up:

My patient children posed for the traditional Mommy pictures.

And then we were off. 
One more picture before we headed in:

I settled into the cafeteria for some PTO business.  And in pretty short order, Jessa was ready to get the show in the road.  We dropped Jessa off in the line to go to her class.  They discourage parents from going to the classes of the older kiddos, and she was more than ready to GO!
I mean just look at her:
Ready to take on the world, or at least 2nd grade.

On to the next baby step, Kindergarten Meet and Greet.
Spencer got to follow instructions to find his locker.

And his seat at his table, oh by the way, at the yellow table.

He wrote his name and drew a picture, per the instructions.

I am sure you can tell, it's a castle.

We found his mailbox, his lunch card, the behavior cards. 
And the last thing was a final check-in with his teacher.

What a fun baby step!

I loved being at THEIR school with them on the first day.
The excitement in the air was palpable.

Spencer had an OK time, but he was not happy that he had to leave with me.
He can't wait until tomorrow when he gets to stay.
The. Whole. Day. 
And eat lunch in the cafeteria.
And ride the bus.

At least they will be together. . .


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