Monday, September 5, 2011

Twas the night before school. . .

I cannot believe that tomorrow is the first day of school for us.  I mean, I know that I shouldn't be shocked.  We had a crazy long summer this year.  (We did the math and we were 1 day short of Phineas and Ferb's 104 days of summer vacation)  But I am still not sure if I am ready.

Of course, it may have a little something to do with my Spencer starting Kindergarten.  Think that may have something to do with it??

Tonight, we had tacos for a special supper to celebrate back to school.  We got Cold Stone Creamery for dessert.  We loaded new backpacks with new school supplies and placed them by the door.  We chose the perfect outfits to wear.  We read stories - my favorite was "Twas the Night Before Kindergarten" (hence the title of this post).  David came up and told them both good night and wished them luck because unfortunately he will be headed TDY just before we have to head to school.

I tucked in my brand new 2nd Grader first.

She has been out of bed about 46 times because she is too excited to sleep. 
She cannot wait to see her friends. 
And she is not happy that I am driving her tomorrow instead of letting her ride the bus.
Oh and she already told Spencer that she will sit with him on the bus so he won't be lonely.

And then I tucked in my brand new Kindergartner.

He says he is excited but not nervous. 
And he makes fun of me if I even pretend to get choked up about my baby going to school. 
He cannot wait to finally get to go to "Jessa's School."
And riding the bus after tomorrow is going to be so much cooler than the "Mom Van."

I guess I better get to sleep since I have to get up crazy early to make back to school pancakes.
And so a new year begins. . .

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