Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blog blackouts and fashion

I have been so enjoying our holidays. For real. To show you how much I have been off the grid, I submit that I have not updated my facebook status since the day before Thanksgiving. Yep. That is serious, wouldn't you agree? I went low tech to enjoy just being home with the fam.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. Although my bird did not cooperate. I am blaming the oven, since it is my first turkey in a gas oven since 1999. But one side was golden and done and in the good temp range. The other was not. It was strange. I know the sucker was thawed. The yucky innards bags just slid right out. I was so thrilled with the thawing. Anyway. It was strange. The turkey eaters ate the good side and put the other side back in. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food. I was tired and happy. Momma made awesome pies! As a girl who does not even like turkey, I am in it for the pie. Miss Jessa is a huge fan of the chocolate now - she makes me so proud. *tear* Spencer still just eats a plate of cool whip. Whatever floats your boat.

We spent Friday doing up the decor. It gets more fun every year! The kids "get it" more. They were SO precious wanting the hear the story of each ornament. It was just like a Hallmark commercial. If I had been watching us, I would have so cried. David put up some lights outside, and I am trying to resist the urge to add more as I see what neighbors are doing. Bay keeps telling me: it is not a competition. Whatever. That is loser talk.

I am trying to get back into the bloggin' groove after my vacay.
So I will share a fashion story from my dear old son, Spencer.

God bless him. He spends so much of his life going along with Jessa and trying to keep her happy and taken care of. Many times, he does not even know what he wants or thinks. But when he thinks something, by golly, he is SERIOUS. Take my earlier post about his love of Soft Pants. He ain't budging on that one. He is firm. He means business.

That is one of the only things that he has a true opinion on. But sometimes this love of soft pants leads him down the path to choosing his own outfits. This is a bad idea. Bless his heart. He chooses the "softest"pants and "softest" shirt, color coordination be darned. And yes, I let him leave the house like this.
Oh, yeah. He is rocking the look.
I have gently asked if he was sure he wanted to go with these ensembles. When he confidently replied, "Yep." I did not say anything else.

Look at him. He is happy and pleased with his choice.
The best part is that when I said something to the teachers at school, they heaped on the praise. I am apparently a wonderful mother for letting my son express himself. I was like a hero in that place. I knew I liked those people! I guess it is good for all, right? He is happy and I am like mom of the year. I'll take it.
This was his choice for a Thanksgiving outfit. Apparently he LOVES those pants. . .

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kate said...

He is so cute! And I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to spend it together!!