Thursday, November 19, 2009

Face Love

**Sorry for the lateness of this Halloween-ish post. I typed this post on November 2, and I could swear I posted it. Ooops! And for my FB buds, some of the pics are reruns, but you know I can never resist sharing pics of the babies!

Halloween night, we were all up in my room getting ready for bed. Mimi and Poppy were visiting, and David was out of town. (On an unrelated note, I would like to point out that poor David has NEVER been home on Halloween. He has NEVER taken his children trick or treating. Boo.)
Missing someone. . .

We had a busy day. There was the asking me every 5 minutes if it was time to go trick or treating.

Them: Is it time to go now?
Me: No.
Them: What about now?
Me: NO.
Them: Now?
Me: Again, no.
Them: How many minutes?
Them: Now?
Me: (sigh).
Repeat 200 times.

That takes a lot out of them (and ever so much more out of me).

I also had our traditional scavenger hunt for goodies. They had lots of fun running all over the house from clue to clue. Their "stash" was in the dryer this time. That was too funny! The wrapped surprises were in there all day and they had no clue (get it: clue. scavenger hunt. clue? I crack myself up)! They would not go willingly into the dryer, you know what I'm saying?

Then there was the actual getting dressed and hiking all over the neighborhood. Way tiring. And I am not a fan of the wagon. Once they could walk, we have gone to the houses that they can get to by their own power. If I were to pull them in a wagon or carry them, they'd never be finished. I think you trick or treat as long as you feel like walking. Once you are so tired that you turn into Connie or Carl Complainer - we're out.

Spencer as "just a dog." After Bay worked hard and came up with a way to make him "Slinky Dog" like he insisted. At the last minute, he refused to put on the slinky. Oh well!
Jessa designed her own costume. She even sketched it out for me so I got it just right!

And after all of that during crazy fun exhausting day and poor David out of town, I was all for everyone slumber partying in our bed. We even had new movies to watch - Halloween goodies from several folks included DVDs. I also caved on baths. They both promised to take one before church, so I said that they could sleep in their candy soaked filth. Anyway, they were both laying in my bed watching their new Tom and Jerry movie. I was in my bathroom getting ready for bed, listening to them. Jessa would do a loud fake laugh and then Spencer would follow suit. Bless his heart.
And then I thought I would melt when I heard him say, "Jessa?" And she said, "What, Spencer?" He said, "I love your face." Just the way he said it was so sweet. And what a sweet thing to say from a face that I love to a face that I love! She still had on her faint cat make-up from her costume. And he said it several times.

Jessa, I love your face.

(I could eat them up!)

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kate said... fun! What a good momma you are! I love the scavenger hunt idea! (I am stealing it for my future.)