Saturday, November 21, 2009

Memory like an elephant

If it is really true that elephants never forget, then my children are totally elephants.

It is good sometimes. Like when they are playing with your car keys or cell phone. 99% of the time, they remember. And that is a very good thing. We will not even discuss the pain, frustration, and stress that the other 1% can cause.

But other times, it can sorta get on your nerves. Let me share a few examples with you, won't you?

Jessa and Spencer have scooters. They did not get them for a birthday or Christmas. I know this is a big gift for "just because," but it was absolutely necessary. Don't judge me! See, all the kids in our neighborhood have them. And that is not an exaggeration. In fact, a few families have more scooters than they have kids. Suffice it to say, these babies are popular around here. Our old neighborhood had exactly zero scooters, so this phenomenon was new to us. And the reason my children had to have one and have it right now was I could not take it anymore. The "can I please borrow so and so's scooter?" They were relentless - especially Jessa. I finally told David that I could not take it one more day. So Jessa has a Razor Daisy and Spencer has a Disney Cars one. She LOVES her scooter. Like loves it a lot.

I gave them to them on a Friday afternoon. They rode like the wind until dark. I dragged Jessa in when it was too dark to see, and she said, "Can I scooter tomorrow?" I said, "We'll see." Which we all know means, "Maybe - depending on what tomorrow brings." or more accurately, "At this moment, I will say whatever I can to get you to leave me alone and cooperate."

Anyway, the next morning was a blessed Saturday, a peaceful day that means we can all sleep in. I am not a morning person, so now that they are both in school, my sleep-ins are precious to me. Precious. But not this day. My usually late sleeper, Jessa is fully dressed and standing over my face staring at me. I looked and the clock to see it was 8:30. On a SATURDAY! She was saying, "Remember last night when you said I could ride my scooter today? Well, the sun is awake, and I want to go and ride now." What?! After she slept, she still remembered the "plan." Impressive, although too early on a Saturday for much excitement on my part. Maybe the badgering about wanting one was not as bad as I thought?

Spencer is an elephant, too. On Veteran's Day we all went to a parade in O'Fallon near our house. It was a gorgeous day. We had so much fun. Oh and Bay's jeep was in the parade (another post planned on the jeep soon - stay tuned). Pretty cool, huh? Well, when we were getting ready to go home, J and S wanted to ride in the jeep. It did not work out, so I in passing said, "I am sure Bay will bring the jeep over and give you a ride this weekend." Of course, that was on Wednesday afternoon. I did not give it another thought after I uttered those words. Bay who whole-heatedly agreed to give them a ride over the weekend did not think of it again, either. Saturday morning rolls around and Spencer woke up and came downstairs, still half asleep. Through squinty eyes, he quickly glanced around the room and the first words he spoke were, "Well, where are they?" I said, "Who?" And he said, "Bay and the jeep. You said that they were coming on the weekend. It is the weekend. So? Where are they?"

Elephants are helpful when you need to find your blackberry, but never make them a promise that you do not intend to keep. And also they are early risers.

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