Monday, April 26, 2010

A letter to my blog

Dear Blog,

Oh how I have missed you! I have many things to post, to share, to tell you - many precious stories that I do not want to forget, and many pictures that I want to show you. But I have not had a minute!

I would love to tell you about my Stewart Cat. I would tell you how I drove him 3 hours to the University of Missouri for a special radiation treatment that should correct your Hyperthyroidism. About how I cried a little on the way home because I hated to leave him and I was so scared about the treatment. I would tell you that I know in my head that every treatment has risks, but I would also tell you that my heart does not want to even consider that. I would also point out that he is doing well and the awesome vet student has called me at least once a day to report his progress. And of course, I would bring up all the cleaning I have done of Stewart's area so that it will be all ready for him to come home and be isolated (away from small children) for 3 whole weeks.

I would share with you that I am so busy right now - the end of the year is upon us! I am planning goody bags for my precious Awana kids AND planning their musical debut at church this Sunday. I would tell you all about the end of the year teacher gifts I have ordered - and the personalized M&Ms that I am so thrilled about. I would tell you about my stress over what a crazy week this is! I will be volunteering for the Week of the Military Child at Jessa's school - sometimes twice a day. I am excited about Spencer's conference at his school. I can't wait to help my Awana Cubbies practice their songs for church. I am fired up about parent watch week at Ballet for Jessa. This week is also the last week of soccer. Oh, and I have a PTO luncheon to attend, and it is covered dish, no less. I am pumped to be a chaperone for Jessa's class trip on Friday. OH! And Miss Jessa has a fever, so I am also squeezing in a doctor's visit this afternoon. Plus, I will be making the 6 hour (round trip) drive back to the University of Missouri to pick up my precious kitty. I would also let you know that my sweet Momma is here, and she has spent several nights here so that my babies do not have to get dragged all over!

I would confide in you that I still wouldn't change a thing. I would tell you that I love my crazy busy life. I would remind you that all of this stress and busy-ness means that I am blessed with the best kids ever. That they are fortunate enough to go to great schools that care about their students and want parents to be involved. That I am so lucky to have family who sent me checks to apply to the "Stewart Fund" to help me pay for the rather pricey treatment. That I am so glad that I have a car that will help me deliver Stewart to a wonderful place of caring people that have cutting edge treatments that can improve Stewart's quality of life. I would tell you how thankful I am that my Momma is here to help out with the kiddos. I am so blessed to have a dear friend who reads my blog so regularly that she was actually worried that I had not posted in so long! I am so happy with my life - even though I am not sure when I will get to sleep or post anything!

Oh, blog, I love you and I love being able to share many things with you.

Please be patient with me!

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Robin said...

Wow. You are busy! Hang in there...summer will be here soon!