Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring BREAK

Hey, y'all!
Just wanted to let you know that I took a true Spring BREAK! I have many posts that I have started, but I have not finished any. I have been having WAY too much fun!
The kids Spring Break this year was only Thursday, Friday, the weekend, and Monday. We had to really pack it all in to have as much fun as we wanted to have in such a short amount of time!

What was I doing, you may ask?
I was going to the Magic House Children's Museum

I was going out for ice cream in the middle of the day, just because.

I was attending birthday parties and shopping and Building Bunnies at Build a Bear Workshop and sharing Double Doozies at the Chocolate Chip Cookie Company.
(without my camera, boo)

I was taking my best girl out for a manicure, just the two of us because we never do anything "just the two of us," or so she has told me 500 times. (I had the camera, but I did not think of it until my nails were wet. I was so caught up watching my princess enjoying being pampered. boo, BOO)

I was helping Bay plant flowers.
(pictures to come - still on Bay's camera. . .)
I was supervising some fancy egg-dyein'!

And there was some crazy spring organizing going on around here, with tons of snuggling in the bed movie marathons with my two best snugglers and even a few naps. I cannot think of anything more fun than spending some crazy days with my two best peeps!

Oh, and we celebrated a wonderful Easter, too. (separate post already in the works).
So if the handful of you who enjoy hearing stories about the Crazy Keys have missed me, that is where I was - out being crazy instead of typing about it!

The kids go back to school tomorrow, so then I will be back in some sort of a groove.
Hope y'all are having a terrific Spring, too!

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