Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Milestone

Right now, I am sitting in my bed with my babies. We are watching a movie. My sweet baby girl who is growing up way too fast and right before my very eyes is laying her precious head on my shoulder. We are watching a VERY special movie. I got the DVD months ago and set it aside. I put it in a special place in my closet with another secret surprise. About a year ago, I ordered 2 personalized pillows - one for each of my babies. I wanted to have them ready for each of them when the time came. So the movie and the pillows spent a lot of time in the dark of my closet. They were waiting for today. And I was prepared for today. Then there is Jessa. She has been more than ready, I mean, way beyond ready and so prepared for this day for months.

The new and special DVD we are watching is "The Tooth Fairy."
Jessa is alternating watching the movie and staring at the small white thing pinched between her fingers.
When she is watching the movie, I can see her still stroking her little tooth.

I must admit that I am completely uncomfortable with this whole thing. See, my crazy childhood dentist pulled every single one of my baby teeth. I never had a loose tooth, and I never had any say so over how my teeth came out. Not true of my daughter. Jessa has embraced the whole loose tooth thing. She has been wiggling and twisting and hoping for this day for MONTHS. She has kept score of which friends have already lost teeth. Lately, I could watch it move when she was talking. And I have been cringing and trying to keep my cookies every time she pushed it out with her tongue. And by the way, my discomfort tickled her to death.

Tonight, she decided it was time. For weeks, she has been asking David to check and see if it was "ready." He has told her to be patient. We have even watched videos about pulling teeth on YouTube. She had David feel it tonight and I said, "Why don't you let Daddy get a Kleenex and try to pull it?" She said, "How bout you do it, Momma?" So Spencer handed me a Kleenex, I closed my eyes, and I held on to her little tooth. And she pulled her head back, against me. I gripped it and just like that, my baby lost her first tooth.
It was the first tooth she ever got,
and now it was the first one she lost.

I think that Spencer was just as excited as she was.
And man, she is excited.

She wanted me to take pictures.
And of course, I obliged!
She even said, Will you post it on Facebook?
And then she called May and Bay to tell them!

She is cracking me up.
She will out of the blue say, "I lost my tooth!"
She looked in the mirror several times just to check out how she looks.
And she cannot wait to show everyone at school.

Here are my favorite things that she has said tonight:

Mom, remember in Toy Story 2 when that thing knocked out one of Woody's bottom teeth? Now I am like him. And he's still a good lookin' guy!

This is the first time I ever lost a tooth!

Hey, listen, my S's sound better now.

Hey, Mom, come feel the air I can blow out of the hole where my tooth was.

I really lost a tooth.
I lost my tooth, my first tooth.
I am thrilled for her because she is so beside herself, but it makes me a little sad, too.
Another bittersweet milestone that means my baby is growing up. . .

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