Friday, August 27, 2010

First Grade - For REAL

Y'all, I have a child in the first grade.
No more tables, now we have desks.
No more "E's" or "S's," now we have A,B, C,D,F - real grades.
No more carpet and circle time, now we are big kids.

My sweet and precious baby was quite excited to hop on the bus for her first day of school this year. She was anxious to meet her new teacher and see her friends. I know that many kids and parents take it for granted, but you can't underestimate how incredible it is to be a returning student. My little Army Brats don't often get that opportunity. Jessa's confidence level was so much higher. She was not at all nervous or anxious. She was PUMPED!

She was so excited that she wanted to go to the bus stop at 6:45. Her bus did not arrive until almost 8. I had to force her to stay in our driveway instead of walking across to the bus stop. I was afraid she would hop on the middle school bus and end up in 6th grade.

She was so excited that she could not stop talking. She was talking so much and so fast that she made my mouth tired!

She was so excited that she actually allowed us to go to the bus stop with her. We were not relegated to sit on the porch like we were the entire year last year.

She was so precious with her new backpack. It is a "sling" type that we just had to have so she could have one like Freddy's from iCarly.
And it is personalized with the words, "Jessa Lynn."
She decided she wanted people to start calling her Lynn. So she asked for simply, "Lynn." I told her that she would confuse people. So I came up with the idea of putting "Jessa Lynn," to make us both happy. She then asked if we could have the word "or" put in the middle of her two names so people would know that they did have a choice. Nice try.

I can't believe she is so big.

She was just born yesterday, wasn't she?


Tara said...

This is so sweet! She is so sweet! I love that she is already at the age where she wants a new name and that she was that excited about school. Great blog post!!!

The Stahl Family said...

My mom said that I came back from school and wanted to change my name to Angel and made her call me that for a little glad it passed. Happy 1st grade...Lynn.

Kate said...

Oh my gosh, Dana, I 'm just now reading this for some reason and it is awesome!! I love the "or" choice suggestion -- hilarious! She has such a great personality. LOVE her.

Riley McCluskey said...
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