Monday, August 2, 2010

Like a hole in the head

I have never really liked the phrase. You know, "I need a (insert something here) like I need a hole in my head." It always makes me laugh because of something that someone said this one time at Band Camp (yes, I really went to band camp, AND I tell band camp stories AND I did all of this before American Pie even came out, thank you very much). Our very diminutive band director sat down with the Flag Corps and cracked open a cold diet coke and said, "I know, I know. I need a Diet Coke like I need a hole in my head." Does that ever happen to you? Someone says something at a seemingly insignificant moment, and you remember it forever. Something that is not even that meaningful. And then someone tells you something really poignant and then you cannot remember it for the life of you. I guess that is one of those things about life, huh?

Anywho. I have always liked Barbie. And you? I had this friend in elementary school. Her name was Tracey. And the entire basement of her house was like a Barbie Fairy Tale Land. I am not kidding. It was a finished basement and there was nothing in it except her Barbie Stuff. No furniture. Just Barbie. She had it all. Dream houses, Corvettes, shoes for every outfit, oh, and she even had those teeny pink hangers to hang the clothes on. And she actually hung all the clothes up on the teeny pink hangers. It was like little girl heaven! So the fact that Jessa enjoys Barbies is not all that surprising. She even had a Barbie birthday party once. The cake was an actual Barbie. Oh, wow, I wish she could have seen Tracey's basement. Jessa would love it.

Another thing you need to know is that I have a family member who does not think that it is OK to let little girls strip Barbies naked and put them in the bathtub. This poor soul only had boys, so it is hard for this person to really even imagine a little girl playing with dolls, you know? Well, lucky for Jessa, I have no such hang-ups about naked Barbies being all over the house. And for some reason, these naked gals seem to congregate in MY bathtub. And it is a running joke throughout my family about the person I am talking about who does not approve of naked Barbies.

So the other night, Jessa and Spencer were enjoying a lovely bath. There is always a great deal of laughing, giggling, and playing in the tub. I was in and out of the bathroom, putting away laundry in my room and tidying up the bathroom.
One time I walked back into the bathroom and I found this:
Wanna see it from another angle?
Well, OK.
Here it is. And I could not even get them all in one picture!
The line was too long.

My first thought was that a scene like this would absolutely send a certain family member of mine right over the edge.
My second thought was that Jessa Lynn needs a new Barbie like, you guessed it, a hole in the head!

I e-mailed the picture to May and cracked me up with what she had to say back:
Seeing the one of the two babies in the tub made me wonder about something...Do you think Jessa might like a Barbie doll? Most little girls, by the time they're her age, have one. I just feel like she might be missing out on something, you know? Maybe I'll get her one before I come back to Scott. What do you think?

Sorry this post is sort of rambling. I am feeling pretty rambly tonight.
I am not really sure what the point I was trying to make was, but I will say this:
If you are ever in need of a naked, but very clean Barbie, give us a call.

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