Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bittersweet Christmas Parties

My Christmas Party Animals

One of my favorite things about church preschool is that you REALLY celebrate Christmas! No "Happy Holidays" or "Winter Vacation" here. No, ma'am!

As with many schools, Friday was Christmas Party Day and the last day of school before Christmas Vacation. This is usually a fun day filled with cookies and presents and jingle bells and stories. This year, it was also a sad day because it was our last day at SMPK. I have mentioned MANY times how much I love this school, so it was especially sad to leave. Jessa refuses to discuss ever going to another school. And Spencer is so IN LOVE with Miss Georgia that when he talks about who he wants to have over for a slumber party, it is always her. He even named his pretend horsey Miss Georgia. (SO CUTE watching him run around the house yelling, "Whoa, Miss Georgia!"

We are so happy to be reunited with David in our new home after Christmas. We are so glad that another deployment is almost behind us. BUT this school was really something special. The short time that we spent there has been so wonderful. We love the atmosphere and the caring people and the creativity and imagination. I tried to tell everyone to pretend like it was another day to keep me from crying. We all tried, but tears were shed. Miss Georgia lost it every time she looked at Spencer! Even though it was a short stay at SMPK, it was very meaningful, and we will always treasure the friends and memories that we made.

OK, back to the parties. . .

Of course, both parties were at the exact same time on opposite sides of the building. I spent most of the time running in between. There was food at both parties and lots of decorations. The BEST part was all of the awesome hand made gifts that I got from each child.

Jessa made me several ornaments, cards, and a welcome mat. It is a piece of carpet with finished edges. In the center are her bare foot prints in white paint that she painted to look like snowmen - so cute!

And she wrapped it herself and wrote the card, too. The best gifts ever! She was most excited to give all the things she made.

Jessa and her friends eating at their party.

Jessa and her Miss Penny

At Spencer's party, there were also lots of goodies. Spencer was slow to warm up to the partying at first, but by the end he was with it! He made me lots of goodies, too. He even painted the box that all my ornaments were in. He was also very proud to give it to me. He finally opened it all for me because I was going too slow to suit him! His big gift was a precious towel hanging from a dowel. On it, there was a picture of his face in the middle, a glitter halo over his head, and his golden hand prints for wings! And lots of unique ornaments for the tree, too.

My angel

Spencer chows down at his party.

Spencer and his Miss Georgia

At the end of Jessa's party, Miss Penny read my copy of Santa and the Christ Child, my all time favorite Christmas Story. A perfect way to tie together Jesus's birthday and Old St. Nick and a perfect ending to a special party. Such a wonderful day! And you should see our tree - covered with priceless, glitter-covered, special, homemade ornaments that we can look back at each year as they grow and change (far too fast for my taste). Even though they each made 5 or 6 ornaments, there were no duplicates. Amazing, right? And what a great start to our Christmas Week!

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