Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome Home, MAXWELL KEY

After 12 days of daily trips to the Humane Society to visit Max, I am happy to announce that we were finally able to welcome the newest Key home (to May's house.)

As I mentioned in my "Meet Max" post, the moment my eyes met his at Dr. Koby's office, I was hooked. I was in love. And he was already in my heart. But today we made it official.

The Humane Society here is very cautious about who they place pets with. They want to be sure that where the pet is going is better than where they were. There is an application, an application fee, a vet recommendation, and even a home visit. All of this was fine with me, as long as the end result was little Max becoming a permanent part of our family.

In Max's case, the awesome folks at the Humane Society also wanted to spend a little while longer nursing him back to health. He also had to get all of his vaccinations up to date. He is healthier, but he still came home with several prescriptions, including his daily eye drops. But we are up to the challenge!

One of the wonderful gals from the Humane Society brought Mr. Max here this afternoon. We were all waiting out front when they pulled up. We had a sign on the door, his stocking hanging with the others, a new bed, bowls, and he was already wearing his red jingle bell collar (to match Dunken, Cooper, and Abby) because I took it to him at the Humane Society.

Dunken, Me, MAX
Our home was deemed safe and appropriate after minimal inspection. Besides the fact that everyone at the HS thinks Max is in the perfect home (since we know the breed and are not phased by medications), she said it was a great sign when the first thing she saw when she walked in the front door was 3 dog beds.
Max has had an exciting day. Bless his heart, he hardly stopped moving all day long. He was checking it all out, you know, learning the ropes.

Max and Dunken on the deck.

Max discovers the plethora of toys here.

This is where all the animals sit when someone
fixes their supper. It did not take Max long to
figure this out. (Dunken, Max, Cooper)

His first supper! He LOVED it - he was the first
one finished!

We are so honored to be able to provide Max with not only a new home, but a new life. We are looking forward to getting to know his little quirks and his unique personality. And I cannot wait to introduce him to his Daddy in January.

A couch full of Westies!
(Dunken and Max)

At about 10 o'clock, he FINALLY rested
from his day of exploration.
Now we are off to bed - Max is curled up at the foot of my bed! Cooper and Dunken are sleeping with Mom tonight to give Max a chance to really rest. Bless his heart! He needs it.

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Tara said...

Dunken is the best big brother ever! So sweet of him to let Max have you to himself on his first night . . . this post made me tear up again! You already had a stocking for him?! Why am I surprised . . .