Sunday, December 14, 2008

Toys for Tots

I love to buy "prizes" for the kids. I love it when I can have a new outfit or DVD waiting on them when they get home from school. A few weeks ago, I realized that I was spoiling them too much. It took the fun out of surprising them when Jessa would ask when I picked her up, "Did you buy us anything?" So I put myself on buying restriction until after the new year (Christmas does not count, right??)
In an effort to make them a little more thankful for the "prizes" and everything else they have in their lives, I decided to have them participate in Toys for Tots. My parents are very generous people, and we grew up watching them donate to many causes and charities that they believe in. So Toys for Tots is nothing new for me, and it was time to introduce Jess and Spence.

We always say our prayers and talk about being thankful for things. But the past few weeks, I have really dialed the talk up. I have talked to them about how blessed and lucky we all are. And I told them that there are children in the world with nothing. Jessa took this very seriously and asked a lot of questions. "Do they have parents?" "Can we get them parents?" "Can we buy them a Christmas Tree?" "Or I know! Let's go to the forest and get them some trees!" "Should we get them some clothes?" "Can we buy 1,000 presents?"
Spencer had less to say. He is a bit young, so he still may not get it. BUT he cooperated and went right along, so I will take it!
We went to Toys R Us to shop, but not for us. . .

I was somewhat worried that at the last minute they would back out of the deal, but I thought it was important to try. And I have never been more proud of my sweetest babies! They embraced the idea, and I only had to remind them once that we were not shopping for them this trip. They took choosing the perfect gifts very seriously. They wanted very much to buy things that they liked because then they knew the children would like them.

Spencer chooses carefully

She thinks this is cute.

Jessa checks out Hannah Montana.

So many things to choose from. . . LOOK AT THE LOOT!

My heart was so warm and full! They totally rose to the occasion, and I cried on the way home because I was so touched. I think we have started a new holiday tradition.


Making the drop and bidding Hannah Montana farewell!

YAY, a full box!

My little humanitarians!

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