Saturday, December 13, 2008

"I'm invited" and other stories.

Jessa, Spencer, Dunken, and I had to drive to Ft. Stewart last night. The Directv dude was coming this morning to get us all hooked up with a new dish and the ability to finally watch TV at the new house. (I have felt so isolated and cut off from the world until now. I never know what the weather will bring or what Nancy Grace has to say. . .)

We left about 2 on Friday and were home by 4:30 on Saturday (with about 7 hours in the car round trip!). I was trying hard not to get into too much because of our limited time. I was just doing a little organizing, and the kiddos were having a blast playing with all of their newly unpacked toys. Jess found her small picnic basket and packed it with dishes. She was having a picnic tea party in the den. She spread out a blanket and set up some stuffed friends and was all set up for her tea party. Spencer was elsewhere during all the party prep.
I passed through the room a little while later and Spencer had joined the group sitting on the blanket on the floor. I watched them for a minute and Spencer looked up and with the sweetest smile on his face said, "Mommy, look! I'm invited!" Bless his heart! He was just so happy to be included in her fun!

LATER. . .
I walked through the den again and found this:

They were calling to Santa. Oh to be a kid again!

TODAY. . .
When Jessa was a little more than 2, David and I got her a Little People Nativity Set. We are huge fans of Little People and both kids LOVE to play with them (we have a TON). So I decided that this year, Spencer was ready for his own. So when we got home from Ft. Stewart (and I had retrieved hers), I wrapped his set for Jessa to give to him as an early present. She was most pleased with being able to give him a special gift. AND he was so happy to get to open one (about 10 times a day, he looks under the tree and says, "Can I open presents now?")

They were SO precious. He was so excited and she was, too! She was saying, "I wonder what it could be?!" When he opened it, he screamed, "It's Little People!" And he hugged her to tell her thank you. And they got right into playing with their nativities. A few minutes later, he looked up at me with the sweetest look on his face and said quietly, "Merry Christmas, Mommy."

LATER. . .
Spencer put on his winter coat, a Santa hat, his black loafers, his gloves, and walked around the house telling us "I Santa!" And we had "Fa-La-La-La-Lifetime" on the TV playing lots of holiday movies. Every time a Santa would be on TV, Spencer, in his deep Santa voice would say, "Hey, look, there's me."

I love my sweet babies!

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