Friday, May 1, 2009

Dog Photography

Bless my Daddy! He is as fired up and inspired to try and photograph the dogs as I am. . .
Mom simply laughs at us. It is like that phrase about "herding cats." I am obsessed with having a good picture with all the dogs in it, preferably with no humans. Lucky for me, Daddy shares this obsession.

Our first attempt with Abby, Cooper, and Dunken was in Louisiana. Here are 4 of the 30+ pictures.

This got harder on December 17th when I added a dog to the mix.
The best we could do over the holidays. . .

The weekend of Lucas's wedding, Momma and Daddy spent some time with us. We are more dog friendly than Tybee Island, so we had all 4 terriers with us. What a perfect opportunity to capture the perfect doggie moment, don't you think? We had treats, a place where they were sort of confined, a camera, decent light, and sheer determination. I snapped 158 pictures of the precious puppies. Here are a few that did not go well:

This was the best one:

What do you think?? Should we go into business? Want to order an 8x10 glossy?? At the very least, let's start a new phrase. Instead of "like herding cats," we'll say, "like trying to photograph dogs?"

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