Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Love Notes

When Lucas and I were in school, Momma would many times pack us a lunch. When she did, there was always a note in it. She (of course) knew every detail of our school days and would write messages of encouragement accordingly. If we had a test early in the day, the note would say she loved us and that she hoped it went well. If the test was after lunch, she would wish us luck. I always loved this and treasured the moments I discovered them. Even when we were far away from Mom, we were reminded of how much she loved us and how special we were.
What a sweet Momma I have. . .
David has always written me sweet notes, too. From notes he sent me to my mailbox at NGC to post-its he leaves around the house for me to e-mails from Iraq. When he left for Advanced Camp the summer before his senior year of college, I took him to the airport. I was devastated to see him go. I cried and cried - SIX WHOLE WEEKS! How could I survive without him? I drove back to North Georgia for summer school, and what was waiting for me in my mailbox? A letter from him that he had mailed to me before he left!! It actually said something about the fact that while I was reading it he was flying over "the breadbasket of America." So sweet!
I had never heard that "breadbasket" thing before.
I also like to write him little notes. When he goes to the field or to an army school or especially a deployment, I sneak notes into his luggage, in his socks, in his computer, in his clothes and shoes - wherever I can hide them. Last time, he found a note after he got home. I am a good hider!
From a pair of socks that he never wore during his last stay in Iraq!
I sometimes leave him post-it notes on his ID card that I know he will have to use when he gets to work. We also leave each other notes on the mirror or on the coffee pot. One time, he was deploying to Albania from Germany. He had to be there really early, and I was so devastated about his leaving (boy have I grown up!) that he insisted on driving the car and leaving it at work. I had someone take me over to get it after he left.
He had left me a note hanging on the blinker:
What a nice surprise from D.
Little notes are full of love and thoughtfulness!

When Jessa started to preschool, I desperately wanted to write her notes in her lunch box. She was not a big reader, being 2 and a half and all, so I drew hearts and such. Now, I always write notes for her and Spencer. Some of her sight words are found in my notes because she sees them everyday. Spencer's teacher in Stockbridge said that my notes were her favorite part of the day. She could not wait to see what I had sent. I sometimes color pictures, use stickers, cut out shapes like hearts, snowflakes, Christmas trees, or whatever I think of at the time. I have lots of fun coming up with the perfect idea to let them know I am thinking of them while they are at school.

I was completely unaware of the funniest and sweetest thing. Jessa has been saving every note I write her. It touched my heart, though, that my little "love notes" are so important to her. She started it at the beginning of this school year. Her lunch box has an extra pouch on the bottom where she started storing her notes. It was months before I noticed. She is so proud of her "collection." She even taught Spencer to use an extra storage place on his lunch box to store his "love notes," too. It makes me smile to know that they look forward to my little notes.
Quite the collection, wouldn't you say??
I guess I come by my "love note" tendency honestly, though. To this day, Momma, Daddy, and even Mimi and Poppy do not ever mail us a package or anything without adding a "love note." And nothing can make you feel better than a little note letting you know that someone you love is thinking of you.

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Carrie said...

Dana, that is so so sweet! what a beautiful tradition!