Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

My Momma and I have always been close. At times, I think David may say too close! Ha-ha! I call her all the time - I know she cringes when she sees my number on the caller ID. Seriously, sometimes 10 times a day! She is a patient woman. I need her to hear all that is going on and I so need her advice. (Like can I substitute something in a recipe? Does this cough sound bad? Do you think this milk is still OK? Can I freeze macaroni and cheese? You'll never believe what I heard today! And so on and so on. I actually took pictures of myself with my phone in a dressing room mirror and e-mailed them to her to get her opinion!) I am glad she did not think her job raising me ended when I turned 18 or got married or had babies. I still need her every day!

When Jessa and Spencer were born, I was a Momma, too. And I appreciated my Momma way more than I ever did before. Having my babies gave my life a whole new purpose and meaning. Now I love Momma in a whole new way because I can understand what being a Momma is all about. And I am so thankful for the wonderful childhood that Lucas and I had. And I strive every day to give Jessa and Spencer a fun childhood that they can look back on fondly the way I look back on mine. So, YAY MOTHER'S DAY!

We celebrated Mother's Day all week at our house. Jessa made me at least 10 cards that involve her saying, "Don't look, OK, Momma?" And then yelling from the other room, "How do you spell happy? How do you spell mother's? How do you spell day?" She is so sly, I am glad she told me not to look. . .

The preschool had lots of plans to honor the mothers of all the children at school. Wednesday was a Mother's Day Luncheon for Spencer's class. OH MY! It was so precious!
The teacher had us come in one at the time. I walked in and Spencer put a beautiful necklace that he made for me around my neck. Then he handed me a single red rose.
He took me by the hand and walked me to my spot. He even pulled out the chair for me to sit down! He made me a place mat and painted me a flower pot, both of which showed me where to sit.

Then the class lined up to sing the Alphabet Song and Twinkle Little Star for the moms. Then they led us in a blessing song. After a great performance, it was time to eat. The kids helped us fix our spaghetti and salad. We ate lunch together - so fun! The kids were all so proud. The teacher even made an awesome dessert for all of us to eat.

After everyone ate, she read "Love You Forever," to all of us. I had to try hard not to just bawl! It was such a sweet day and Spencer was so precious! And let's face it, I have never read that book aloud without crying. . .

That afternoon on the phone, May asked Spencer, "Did Mommy eat lunch with you today at school?" He said, "No. It was just a Mother's Day Luncheon." Get it right! Then she giggled and asked him, "Well, did you give Mommy a flower?" And he said, "No, it was a rose." The kid is detail oriented, what can I say!?

Jessa made me lots of cute things in her classes, too. All to help me celebrate. . . A book of poems with hand prints, a candle holder, a pot holder with her hand, and even some yummy jelly. The teachers outdid themselves trying to make Mother's Day Special for all the Moms at our school.
These are drawings of Jessa and me and Spencer and me -
Jessa's in on the left and Spencer's is on the right.
Jessa also helped David pick out some pink and white roses for me. After they were delivered, David, Jessa, and Spencer brought them to me in my room. Spencer handed me a gift. I asked him what it was, he said, "Magazines." It was actually a new camera, but all he could see was the manual! Yes, I have my 6th digital camera. In my defense, I think I take more pictures in a week than many people take in a lifetime!! And I am HARD on them. My camera is always with me, which sometimes leads to my downfall. My last camera has not worked since we spent Easter weekend at the beach. The crazy wind blew sand in the lens. David had the audacity to say to me that it was somehow my fault for bringing the camera out of the car to the sandy, windy beach. What? I had to bring it and capture the moments. It was Max's first trip to the ocean. I had to have photos. That was a given. It is unfortunate that the camera is pretty much ruined, but I stand by my decision. And I believe that my camera was happy to make the sacrifice and capture the special moments of our beach trip.
Anyway, the point is "YAY NEW CAMERA!!

All my Mother's Day LOOT, except the camera which took this picture. . .
David also cooked me my favorite supper on the grill - hamburgers with corn and slaw. Doesn't that sound delicious??? What a great day to celebrate Mommas!! I am so thankful for my Momma! And I am pretty thankful to David for helping me become a Momma myself. Don't know what I'd do without my babies. . .
Look at these nut balls, they are always giving me something to laugh about:

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