Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stare at the Pig

This is the title of a game. Jessa made up this game. She first suckered David into playing it a few weeks ago. I was not with them, so I did not hear it. He was confused because she is the creator of the game, thus she is the only one who knows the rules. And as you can imagine, these rules are subject to change, and she won't tell you that either. The first time they played, he thought he lost. He asked me if I knew about this game. I did not.

So one night after supper, the babes wanted to go back outside for a few minutes. They had spent a lot of time outside earlier since we have been enjoying the nice spring/summer-ish weather. A positive to this is that I have noticed how much tireder they are at night. They give me way less trouble about going to bed and fall right to sleep, so I am all for a few more energy wasting minutes. And now that Daddy was home, they wanted him to play some, too.

I was busy cleaning up the kitchen, and Jessa came in to tell me that it was time to play a fun new game called Stare at the Pig. I walked outside and saw David grinning at me. He told her to fetch me so another person could witness/participate/try to understand/learn how to play this fun new game that is sure to catch on and sweep the nation.

She lined us up in chairs and told us we were supposed to stare at the pig. Apparently, she was the pig. She explained that we were supposed to stare at her (as the pig) for 5 minutes. And whoever did that was the winner. We were also not supposed to talk. We were slightly concerned about the actual objective. She is a fair judge, though, so we left the decisions in her hands.

The Pig (Jessa) got started. After a couple minutes, without warning, she jumped up and declared Spencer the winner. OK, sure, fine. Now it was his turn to "be the pig." He complied (as he always does with anything that she asks of him). After a shorter time, she announced that David was the winner. He then proceeded to "be the pig." After a minute or two, she stopped him and yep, you guessed it, Mommy was the next winner and new pig. I became the pig. After a minute, she said she was the winner again, and we were right back where we started.

An important aspect of this game is that the audience is a huge part of the fun. Do not think that the pig is doing all the work or getting all the excitement. Oh no! We all took our turns observing and playing the very important role of the ones who Stared at the Pig. After all, staring is the whole point of the game, right? I guess? Who am I kidding? I have no idea, but Jessa seems to enjoy it.

To help you understand this extremely fun and complex game, please enjoy this short video of "Stare at the Pig". Do not be alarmed if after you are still confused, even after viewing the video. This may very well be part of the fun. You will note that no clip of "Mommy as the pig," is included. Although I would like to point out that I did introduce rolling in the mud and wallowing to the activities for the pig to perform. Strangely, there is no footage.

**Something to note, if you are the holder of the camera, you are never in incriminating or embarrassing photos or videos. . . I love being the holder of the camera! Ha!

Don't be jealous of all of our family fun and creative game playing. Jessa is available for workshops to introduce your family and friends to the ball of fun that is STARE AT THE PIG!
Let us schedule one for you today.
It's going to sweep the nation, I just know it is.

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Michelle said...

This is the greatest!!! Thanks for sharing because I really had a great laugh!