Tuesday, December 8, 2009

And now the rest of the decorations

As promised, here are the rest of the decorations.

The stockings hung on the console table with care. . .
Notice the stockings - Jessa and Spencer helped write the names this year.
And I love the new frame stocking holders - we had them before, but they broke. . .

This is the front of the house from the outside. I LOVE the icicle lights!
The front window - you can see the pretty white tree lights through the window. I just love simple white lights!
Here is one of our tiny trees in the yard. We did not light them, but the kids hung some big red, white, and blue balls on them. They look so nice, I think.
This is the porch window. The candles are on the inside of all of the windows. This is the first year I have had them, but I have always wanted them. One of my favorite things about Christmas growing up was the candles that Momma used to put in our windows. I used to love going to sleep with the light coming from behind the shade. I am so happy to have them now!
We have lots of crafty items inside.
Some made by my awesome, crafty aunt:

And some were given to us by my crafty aunt:

One year, Momma gave us this "Westie Tree."
Isn't it precious! You may not can tell, but the garland is linked sausages. And all the Westies crawling all over it just melt my heart!

I have two favorite Christmas images:

1) The Lion and the Lamb

I even have the movie.
2) Santa and the Christ Child or the Kneeling Santa

So I am always on the lookout for decor or ornaments depicting these awesome stories.
Sometimes, I get lucky and find one ornament with all my favorites:

I love Christmas!
I love the special decorations, the traditions, the lights, the songs, the joy, the spirit of the season.
Hope you enjoyed a view into our holiday decorating.
And I think the kiddos do, too!


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