Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The blessing

Saying the blessing before supper every night is our habit, our routine. It always has been part of the routine, since I was little. And even though Lucas and I have always gotten along incredibly well, we were normal children who bickered. One thing we argued about each night was who was going to say the blessing. Momma's solution was simple. Each year, right after Christmas, she would sit down with the next year's calendar and write in the bottom corner of each and every day, either "D" or "L." So every night, when we sat down to supper, we would consult the calendar, ie the law to determine who would say the blessing. In case you were wondering, our childhood blessing was "God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him for our food. By His hands, we are fed. Thank you Lord for daily bread. Amen." (prounounced AH-men) This worked well because if we were not home or we did not eat together, you did not have to keep up with it. And sometimes you missed your turn, but the calendar was the ultimate ruling authority. You did not question the calendar. Bickering ceased. (well, about the blessing anyway)
My children have said several blessings. Each church preschool we attend has a different blessing. I think that is sort of cute because Jessa actually classifies her many preschools not only by who her teacher was, but also what blessing they said. I must admit, my favorite was the one they learned in Hinesville. It is a song. And when they sing it, my heart just melts.

Recently they have started bickering about who will say the blessing. In the past, Spencer was too shy and always allowed Jessa to say it. I am thrilled that Spencer wants to have a turn now, but I also get indigestion when they start the meal with an argument. I also remind them that Jesus does not like them arguing about something that He asked them to do. Although, in the heat of battle, they cannot even hear me!

So I am thinking that on my trusty 2010 calendar, I may have some small lettters ("J" or "S") on my calendar for each day.

BUT before I do that, I must share with you what happens on my favorite nights. The nights that I sit at the table with tears streaming down my cheeks. The nights that they agree to say it together. Their sweet voices. Their precious song. The special words.
Well, I'll let you hear it for yourself:

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