Friday, January 21, 2011


Yay for snow! We have already gotten quite a bit this year. We even enjoyed a white Christmas which is a pretty big deal for us. Of course, Atlanta even had a white Christmas this year, too, which is just nuts, am I right?

We are still enjoying playing in the snow at least once a day every time the cold white stuff appears. It has been so cold, though. I try to weigh being a responsible mom and saying that it is simply too cold with being a party pooper. Plus, I know how exciting snow can be when you are a small person, so I try to just go with it.

They have both perfected their sledding skills this year. This is something that they are way better at than me since they have already seen more snow than I ever did as a child.
Jessa has gotten the layering down to an art. Although sometimes I think she goes a tad overboard.

We have built a snowman - their first one ever! In the south, I grew up thinking that if you ever got snow that meant you could have a snowman. I have learned that sometimes the snow is not the right consistency. Unfortunately, my children do not get this when I try to explain it.
We have created snow beds, which appear quite comfortable to me. Spencer even said he wished he could sleep in his snow bed all year. Even in summer.

And I have gotten lots of awesome shots of these sweet snowy faces!

Of course, we have also enjoyed gallons of hot cocoa to warm us up after we get too cold outside.
Oh, and as much as Molly LOVES the snow, she loves burrowing and digging and rolling and running. . .
Max, well, he is not too keen on it. He keeps looking at me like, "Lady, we're from Georgia!"
I hope that y'all have had lots of wintertime fun this year, too!
And here's hoping for more snow and more snow days. . .

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