Thursday, January 27, 2011

#48 Mom

In a somewhat related story to my last wordful post, (at least in its numeric title anyway) I must tell you a story about my Spencer. See, he REALLY gets into the whole Christmas thing. It is almost February, but he is still dressing up as Santa almost every day. He puts on his red coat, a pair of red pants, his rain boots, black gloves, and a Santa hat. He talks to us like he is Santa. He poses for pictures with us. And he gives us all kinds of "gifts" that he pulls out of whatever bag is closest. He is all about giving of the gifts. I love this, of course, that he is so much more into the giving aspect of Christmas. I am not crazy about the bags of "gifts" that are strewn all over the house. But I roll with it. His teacher even commented that he is still playing Santa at school, too.

My boy.

So keeping in mind that Spencer is crazy focused on giving gifts right now, I take you to a scene in my bathtub. There are all sorts of random things in the tub. These are items that get dragged up there because they happen to be playing with it when it is time to take a bath.

And as you know, my children are slightly nuts, so there are some pretty interesting things in there:

On this particular night, Spencer was playing away in the tub. He told me not to look because he was making me a special present. He said it was going to be a surprise. Of course, he began telling me about it. This sort of spoiled the surprise, but it was still fun.

S- Mommy, I am making you a special present. Do you know what it is?
Me- Nope, but I cannot wait to see it.
S- It is a lamp. I am building it for you.
Me - Oh, wow! I can always use a new lamp.
S- Want to see it?
Me- Oh, yes!

Here it is:

(Pretty creative, huh?
He made it using a plastic cup with a political advertisement from Louisiana, a plastic slinky, and half of a Zhu Zhu hamster wheel.)

S- Yep, it is just for you because you are the #48 mom.
Me- 48?
S- Uh-huh.
Me- Well, is this out of the whole wide world?
(proudly) Yep!
Me- OK, I guess #48 isn't too bad if we are talking about the whole world.
Such a thoughtful and silly little boy I have!

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