Monday, July 19, 2010

Babies+Vacation= PICTURES

Not sure what is up with blogger, BUT I keep losing all of my witty and insightful remarks that I added to go with these pictures. I am trying again, although the wit and insight may be at a minimum. . .
I love taking and sharing pictures of my babies.
I love taking and sharing pictures of our vacation.
Here is the best of both:
Want to what one of the best things about vacation to the kids (OK, and me, too)??
A room with 2 beds is perfect for hotel gymnastics.
Sorry, my camera could not keep up with them!
Hotel beds are FUN!
And they come in handy, since playing all day at the beach can wear you out, you know?

David's idea:
He confessed later it was so he could take a nap. . .

Driftwood pose:

Even elevators are cooler on vacation!

They are so patient with me. . .

Climbing old trees is so much fun!

Spencer - safety first.
Even though he was 10 feet from the water, he was prepared.


Why, yes, she is climbing a tree in a dress.
And no, I can't do much with her. . .

My little Mermaid:

We had just checked into the hotel and they HAD to put on swimsuits and check out the ocean first thing. It did not matter that it was dark! Jessa said that David and I should enjoy it because it was "romantic."

Only one more vacation post to come, I promise.

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