Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I have ever so many awesome posts in my mind about the last few wonderful weeks we have spent in Georgia. BUT for today, I wanted to post something for July 4th. And I promise to get back in the swing with some great vacation stories. . .

We actually had our cookout on July 3rd this year because we are all heading back to Illinois on July 5th. Cooking out and celebrating did not seem wise the day before a big trip. We all went to Mimi's house for some hamburgers and hot dogs that David cooked for us on the grill. I was so fired up because it has been ages since Daddy and David have both been home in Georgia at the same time. AND I am obsessed with family get togethers. I drive everyone crazy because I love my family so much, and I always want to spend as much time as possible with them. I don't need anything fancy. I just like hanging with my peeps! So once I cross the border from Tennessee back into Georgia, my mind is already planning as many suppers and get togethers as possible.

We had a lovely time at Mimi's. We ate and laughed and visited. Poor Momma didn't feel well, so she missed the fun (and food - the food is almost as important as the fun and family time, right?) And Lucas could only stop by at the end, but when you live far away from the fam like I do, you always take whatever you can get!

THEN, my rock star of a father had to leave Mimi's house and head to the Peachtree Expo with David. I have posted before about Bay's involvement in the Peachtree in Atlanta each summer. Oh and in case you are unfamiliar with this awesome race, click here. Well, he and David both had to go to pick up David's number. David was tickled to be able to run his 6th Peachtree this year with Daddy. He'd like to run more, but with his crazy schedule, he is not always in town (or in the country). AND they had to coordinate with the Race Director for Bay to start the overseas races.
After they got everything squared away, they swung by the house to pick up the kids and me. You know we LOVE to go with them to be a small part of the Overseas Peachtree Races. And it was so awesome! This was the 4th time the kids and I went. We had to miss last year because we had just moved. BUT everyone remembered us, and they were so glad to see us. Everyone at the Atlanta Track Club is so friendly and awesome! Their photographer always takes tons of pics and he even shares:

Bay says "GO!" to LTG Webster at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

And of course, bright and early this morning, Bay and David headed downtown with 55, 000 of their closest friends to run 6.2 miles. The weather was awesome. Many years, it is crazy hot and humid, but our runners said this year was quite comfortable.
Aren't they cute?
Happy 4th of July, everyone!
We are all so blessed and lucky to be Americans.
And we are also blessed to have so many brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines in harms way on this day (and every day) protecting us and keeping us free.
God Bless America!


Stacy Robinson said...

Being a fellow GA lover, I'm loving your summer blogs, Dana. I grew up in Gwinnett, so the Peachtree Road Race and Varsity are near and dear to my heart too (except that the Athens varsity was much more my style. I won't hold the GA Tech comments against you). :) I can't wait to hear all your Jekyll stories, too. Glad you all are having a good visit!

Shelby said...

Great post..I'm missing GA even more! :)

And Yes... I was so red the whole time I pushed that darn cart. I can't tell you how many times I ran into something. It took me two trys to get out of the check out line!! Happy 4th!

kate said...

So cute Dana! And Jessa is looking so grown up -- oh my goodness!! Can't wait to hear all your Georgia stories! Next time you're in town, we'll have to get together so you can officially meet Thomas in person! LOVE!