Thursday, July 22, 2010

An eye for detail

I have already told you that we had the perfect vacation. There were so many things that were so much fun and so special. I am going to share one more significant story, and then I am going to stop being obnoxious about our trip, OK??
Jessa is the daredevil child. You know, she'll try anything. She leaps! She is confident and not afraid and willing to give anything a shot.
She was happy to play out in the ocean with David.
She was happy to float on the waves.
She even said it was her lifelong dream to ride some ocean waves.
How lucky she is to have her life complete at age 6!
Spencer is more standoffish. He likes to sit back and watch things. He is not one to jump in to anything. So one afternoon while David and Jessa were out being brave and spalshing in the surf, I suggested to Spencer that we take a little walk. So we started walking and looking for shells.
It was so much fun.
He was so precious.
He is a detail man, and he is always spotting things wherever we go.
So this shell hunting thing was right up his alley. And I loved looking at the shells through his eyes. Most people when they are walking along the beach, looking at shells, they want the biggest and the best and the most well preserved. Not my boy. He found all sorts of cool shells that were broken or even only a small piece.
He did not pick up just anything. I am not saying that he did not have standards. Now, I never could figure out exactly what attracted him to any one piece.
I am betting he could not have put it into words either.
But it was magical.
Walking along, listening to the waves
and watching my sweet boy concentrating on what he might find.
The funniest part was then we found something. I was all excited. Spencer, I said, I think I founds some coral. He looked at me and shook his head. He said, Nope, Mom, that's gum. When we got back to David, he confirmed Spencer's proclomation. It was indeed gum. Yuck!

Spencer also got Jessa and David in on the act.
We walked along the next morning and found all sorts of cool things.

And of course, Spencer and Jessa both found tons of treasures.

They may not look like treasures to us, but to them, they are priceless memories of a great vacation!

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Carrie said...

Awesome pictures! So glad you had such a good time!