Monday, December 6, 2010

Always prepared.

Spencer is destined to be a boy scout. I hope that he wants to pursue this activity as he grows older. And not just because it is sort of in his blood - his uncle Lucas is an Eagle scout and David was pretty involved in Scout, too.

He is always trying to be prepared. He never gets ready to go anywhere that he does not head to the car with his arms full or a bag packed. It is comical and frustrating. These packed bags full of treasures often get left in the car or laying around. Apparently, once the trip that they were packed for is over, they are no longer of any use to him.

The original focus of this post was about a trip to the park where he packed a bag and the contents tickled me to death. So I took some pictures of the contents of this fancy Wal-Mart bag.

Here are a couple of shots of the packed bag with all the treasures.

Some of them seem normal enough, all little boys like to play with helicopters, right?

But do we need a single piece from a Hot Wheels stunt set at the playground with no cars?

Or a can opener? Really?

Then once I started typing and thought about how common this is, I found a few more bags that he had packed. Here is another aerial view into another bag.

And here are the contents: 2 toothbrushes, a marker, a train, a toy story memory card, a plastic duck, a ball, some Christmas bubbles, a tea cup, a snake, a car, a frog, a jeep, a little man, and my personal favorite, the top of an acorn.

And here is a bag that he carried with us to church one week. Yes, my 4 year old took a Crown Royal bag to church. Bay said, "Dana, don't worry about it. We are not Southern Baptist!"

Inside the super appropriate church bag was the following: a bulldozer, a shoestring, 3 place card holders from Thanksgiving, a plastic tool, and a handful of light bright pegs.

Heaven help me, I cannot begin to tell you what my child is ever thinking.
But I do love his little brain!


Holly Tyler-Yager said...

Dana, this had me laughing out loud and I had to read it to my husband. Our daughter does this too and it just tickled me to read what was in the bag. And the Crown Royal bag at church....Just hysterical. This just made my very funny.

here2help said...

thats precious!