Thursday, March 11, 2010

The usual

I have blogged a little before about our wild Wednesdays. We have a lot on our plates on Wednesdays. Of course, there is school for both babies. After I drop Spencer off, I usually go to church to get our classroom set up for Awana. It is quiet and I can think. And I get to have cool chats with the awesome custodians. After that, I usually have a few errands to run before time to get Spence.

Then I pick Spencer up at 11:30, it is a mad dash to get everything else done. I usually think of wonderful ideas to use for my kiddos at Awana in advance. But being the procrastinator that I am, I am always finishing things up once we get home from Spencer's school. I really do work well under pressure (even if you cannot tell that by looking at the mess that is my house after a Wednesday!).

Jessa gets home at 3:15. And then it gets nuts. See, I have to get the car loaded. Make sure everyone has a snack. Make sure no one falls asleep (we love quick after school naps, but they don't work on Wednesdays). Make Jessa get dressed for ballet and tap. Help Jessa take off said ballet leotard, tights, and skirt to potty, even though I already asked her 12 times BEFORE we put on the whole get-up. Get Jessa's Awana stuff packed up. Help Spencer find his socks. Help Spencer put on his socks. Help Spencer find his shoes. Watch him put them on the wrong feet and bite my tongue to keep from mentioning it. Get Spencer's Awana stuff packed up. Feed dogs (IF I have time since we are not home at "supper time."). Feed cat (also time permitting). Change my clothes to put on my super cool Cubbies shirt. Try to look presentable. Give up and grab a rubber band for the mane. Then out the door by 5.

We drop Jessa off at ballet and get her all situated. Then Spencer and I are off to church to get ready for Awana. See, all the last minute stuff I did was not ready at 9:00 when I was there to "set up," so there is still more to do! I then get to meet up with my awesome co-teacher for us to go over last minute plans.

Then I get to have fun and sing and run and laugh with my awesome Cubbies at Awana for an hour and fifteen minutes. After it is over, we clean up the room. I try to find my misbehaving childrens somewhere in the fellowship hall. Then I herd the kids out the door. I finally get both of them in the car, and we are on our way.

Are we headed home? Nope. Not yet. We have established a Wednesday routine. There is only one place to eat between church and home that does not require us to go out of our way. That place is Subway. Let me tell you, I love me some Subway. I was a Sandwich Artist in High School, so I feel sort of at home there. Well, talk about feeling at home, my kids think it is our second home now.

We go each week. We have made friends out of employees. I love it because when we pull into the parking lot, they start making our sandwiches. How cool! I have always wanted to be able to go into a restaurant and order "the usual." Here, we do not even have to order it and it is done! if one kid is sick, we still stop to get food to bring home. And they always ask where's the other kid? They are so sweet (and patient) with us. Sometimes Bay is with us. Sometimes David is with us. Sometimes even May is there. But the kids and I are almost always there. We are all 3 so tired that we are punchy by this point. The kids seriously think they own the place. They go to the bathrooms by themselves. They head straight to the fridge to pick out their milk. We have 414 of those cute little kids meal sacks floating around the house, the car, the backyard. And if we have a week off and miss going, the next week, the employees who are now our friends always want to know where we were and tell us we were missed.

It is so comforting to know that we are going to Subway each week. The kids sing the "Five Dollar Foot Long" song and love to say, "We are going to "Eat Fresh!" And we sit in our booth and have our supper. I did not have to cook. I will not have to clean up anything more than a few sandwich wrappers. And after the wild Wednesdays that we always have, that is the BEST.

And every week when it is time for us to head home, the kids tell everyone bye and thank you. And then our Subway buddies say, "See you next week!" And you know what, we probably will. And I love that.

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