Thursday, December 16, 2010

Early Christmas Present

Two years ago tomorrow, this picture was taken:

My heart was so full and so happy because our Max had come home and joined our family. I first discovered him at the vet's office on December 1, but he had so many health problems that he could not come home until December 17, 2008.

He is the most precious animal. OK, so he is not the brightest of dogs that you will meet, but he is absolutely the sweetest. And he has been such a comfort to me these past few months. But he is not crazy about being an only dog. Just not his thing. He never used to notice when we would come and go, but now, when I leave his sight, he cries.

So a few weeks ago, I really started thinking that maybe I could see adding another sweet Westie to our family. We are just Westie people. Dunken sold us on the breed. And quite honestly, he sold others, too. We have had friends at almost every place we have lived that got a Westie because of Dunken. I always considered him such a great ambassador for the breed.
Who would not want a gorgeous Westie like our Dunk?
I looked high and low at rescues. I wanted another Max. A dog who really needed us. But they were HARD to find. And the ones I found were snatched up before I could even see them. And there were several that refused to even consider us because we had children 7 and under. And believe it or not, some rescue organizations don't want to allow military to adopt because we are deemed "unstable." Ha! Maybe our addresses are unstable, but I think I am rather well-adjusted thank you very much.
So we kept thinking and looking.

And I even talked to the kids a little bit. Asking them if they thought we should consider adding to our family. They thought it was a good idea. I asked them, what kind of dog would you like? They both shouted "A Westie!"

So I searched some more and I found a sweet little girl puppy. Jessa has always wished that we had a girl pet. I think that is why she loves Daddy's Abby so much. She LOVES the boys, too, but she has always wanted a girl. The farm where the puppy was born is in Missouri. Not in convenient St. Louis, but slap across the whole state! Seriously, it was about 5 hours away, but I decided I could handle that! I put down a deposit on her and then waited.

I bought some puppy pads.
And I waited.

I bought some puppy food.
And I waited.

I even picked out a precious collar and bowl. And I waited.

And we picked out a name, like it??? IF not, keep it to yourself, it is too late. . . ;-)

But then today, finally, my wait is OVER!
All of our waiting is OVER (I think the kiddos were ready to explode and David and I only told them on Tuesday. . .)

Today, on December 16, 2010,almost exactly 2 years after my Maxie came to live with us,
Molly came home.
I am a Westie girl - I think Dunken would be pleased.
Max is not too sure about this whipper snapper who ADORES him.
She makes Maxie look EVEN bigger.
Thanks to an icy night on Wednesday, neither kiddo had school today. I just waited til the roads were clear and we headed out! The ride there was tough because they were so anxious. Then on the way home, I was having to time "turns" holding her.

She could never replace my Dunken, but having 2 dogs just feels right for us. And I kind of think that Dunken would approve. We honored him by sticking with the breed. And I just know he was watching us today with a happy heart as we drove more than 400 miles round trip to pick her up.

Merry Westie Christmas from the Crazy Keys!

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Mary said...

Oh Dana! Molly is just precious! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.