Friday, December 24, 2010

White Christmas EVE

Merry Christmas Eve!

The Crazy Keys are gearing up for a very small and special Christmas at home with just 4 humans, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 fish. The children got to pick our special family meal for the occasion. They chose a very traditional meal. In fact, I am sure that many of you may be eating the same thing that we are. Tacos. OK, so we have never eaten tacos on Christmas before, but I think it is a wonderful idea, don't you?? Then we will go to church and hopefully right to bed. I will be super mad if my night owl children try to stay awake and Santa skips us!

Last night, on Christmas Eve Eve, the kids and I decided to have a slumber party. David blew up the air mattress for us. We put it right in the middle of the floor in the den. And then Jessa, Spencer, David, Max, Molly, and I piled in on our flannel, snowflake sheets and watched "Elf!" It was so much fun. We played the games on the DVD extras. We ate candy. What a nice, relaxing way to spend some family time. And it is especially fun when the kids do the loud, fake-ish laugh to all of the funny parts in the movie.

And then the kiddos actually spent the night on the air mattress with the Christmas Tree on all night. One of my trips to take Molly to the potty, I snapped a quick picture.
When we all woke up this morning, it was snowing!

A beautiful blanket of white covered everything. Yay!

And it makes my heart smile to see how much Miss Molly loves the snow.

Dunken LOVED the snow so much.

Look at Dunken's face! Happiness!

He would rub his face in it and roll around in it and run and run and run. Max does not even like grass to touch his delicate feet, so snow is particularly offensive to him. He gives me a look like, "Lady, thanks for rescuing me, but why couldn't we just stay in GA!?"
But to watch Molly and her joy makes me feel so close to Dunken.

That may seem crazy, but it just tickles me to death.

So Merry Christmas Eve from Illinois!
David has agreed to take the kids sledding soon so that I can keep the cooking and baking plan that I had for the day. And here's hoping that the snow will not cancel May and Bay's trip. I honestly think that the babies would be more disappointed if Santa cancelled than if May and Bay couldn't come. . . (and maybe I would be, too!)

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Marshall Lynch said...

dunkin was very cute.oh i think he really love the snow.
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