Thursday, February 3, 2011

The houses that Bay built

Several years ago, Momma and Daddy were out shopping in a store just before Christmas. He saw a gingerbread house kit. Being an ever thoughtful, awesome Grandfather, he picked it up to build it with Jessa. This seemed like a fun thing for her to do with her Bay. At the time, Spencer was almost 1, so he was not that into it. But Jessa and Bay built their first gingerbread house together right around Christmas, 2006. And a tradition was born.

The next year, we all thought about it again. I actually think that Momma bought the kit that year. And Bay and Jessa built another gingerbread house in 2007.

I think that we must have skipped 2008. I cannot find a picture of it. I have no doubt that it had a little something to do with the kids and I moving out of Momma and Daddy's house to officially move in at Ft. Stewart and welcome David home on January 1. You think maybe that could have been the reason?? We were a little preoccupied. . .

Then in 2009, we had moved to Scott and we lived about 1 mile from Bay. He and May already had the kit and a plan. Then someone I know had to have emergency gallbladder surgery. BUT that did not stop the tradition. The gingerbread house was built at Bay's house, and I only got to see it in pictures. But this is the first year that Spencer was way into it. He was just as excited as Jessa to build something cool and sweet with Bay.

So it is December 2010. Spencer and I are out running errands at Wal-Mart one morning. You know it is that crazy time of year when you are always on the go. Spencer notices a gingerbread house kit. And he tells me that we need to buy it so they can build it with Bay. And I explain to him that Bay already bought one. I was positive because Momma told me when they bought it. But my Spencer did not trust me. He was convinced that we needed to buy it just in case. He could not be convinced. Until, I grabbed my cell phone and called Bay right then and there. Spencer got on the phone and asked him. Bay confirmed what I had already told him. But since he heard it straight from Bay, he finally believed it. I guess he just loves the tradition so much that he could not imagine a Christmas without building a gingerbread house with his Bay!

When May and Bay saw that first gingerbread house kit and bought it on a whim, I doubt they could have ever imagined how much the tradition would grow. And they could not have guessed how much it would mean to the children. A good excuse to get sticky and messy and eat candy and perhaps most importantly, spend some quality time with your Bay. What more could you ask for??

Gotta love Christmas traditions. . .

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