Friday, February 18, 2011

Who doesn't like donuts?

We love donuts. We especially like chocolate covered donuts. And we consider ourselves to be quite the connoisseurs. I know I may lose friends over this, but we do not like Krispy Kremes at all. I really never have, and my family has considered disowning me several times. So perhaps I have influenced the kids. But we aren't fans of KK. We like Wal-Mart donuts pretty well, and we also like Dunkin Donuts. But our current favorites come from grocery stores around Scott. We are all about some Schnuck's. And there is a Schnuck's right near our church and Spencer's school, so picking them up from time to time is really convenient. Lots of Sundays when Daddy was still here, he would pull in and get us some after church. And the very last Sunday that he was here, he needed to go to early church because he had something else going on. We aren't too keen on early church - we like the sleep a little later. We were all exhausted after the retirement festivities, so we just couldn't make ourselves go. But when I woke up and came downstairs, there was a box of donuts from Schunck's on the counter. Yes, I stood there and cried!

So you get it, right? Donuts are a very important part of our lives.

Right before the last storm, I was in the commissary trying to get some groceries along with the rest of the world. There was no more skim milk. Well, I wanted to at least try and get skim, so I didn't buy any milk at all. I knew that I was on my way to pick up Spencer from school, so I figured I would check Schunck's and see if they had any skim.

So with the freezing rain already coming down, Spencer and I hurried in to get milk. They had plenty, so we were so happy. And then Spencer thought, hey, let's get some donuts while we are here. Good plan, son! We are about to be snowed in, we need donuts! So we grabbed 6 chocolate covered donuts and headed home.

We were cold and wet. We got to the house and I was carrying the donuts and some groceries. We walked in from the garage and the dogs were both right there, so I thought I needed to let them out before the weather got too much worse. I placed the donuts on the table - the kids table. And then I got the dogs out and kept unloading our provisions for the impending storm. I did not give another thought to the donuts that I had left on the kids table.

I was in the kitchen for a while unloading and putting everything away. I am not sure what I ran into the other room for, but that is when I made the discovery.

The donut box was on the floor.
The donut box was empty.

And Max's breath smelled suspiciously sweet.
I guess the donut thing runs in the family:
even MAX loves donuts.

And he knew that we weren't planning on sharing with him.
And they were completely unattended in a spot low enough for him to see them.
I bet he could even smell them.
Well, you can't expect him to pass up the opportunity, can you

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