Friday, February 11, 2011

If you give a puppy a day alone. . .

We have one of these:

Well, and of course, one of these, too:
And so we have one of these:
Quite a handy thing to have around, don't you think?
So when I have to be at Jessa's school literally all day, I don't worry so much about these:

all because I have this:
What I didn't think about was that in the backyard,
which is accessed by this:

we also have several of these:

Which means that if you leave this:

all alone, all day long. . .
Chances are you might end up with a lot of this:

all over the house, like this:

Lucky for her, I kind of love her.

And hey, I am not at a loss for something to do this afternoon.

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