Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spencer don't lose my number

I am 35 years old. Yet, to this day my Momma and my Mimi still tell the story of the day that I learned Mimi's number. That was back in the day before Atlanta required the area code to dial. So I learned those magic 7 numbers. And that day while Momma was cooking supper, I sat by the phone and called Mimi about 12 times.

These days, you have to dial more numbers to call people. Plus, we are hardly ever in the same area code as our family, so we also have to dial the handy dandy "1" before we even dial the area code. (A side note if David asks me for a number, I have to say "1" first or he dials the area code, the number, and then has to start over. . .)
This makes memorizing phone numbers tougher for my kiddos. One time Jessa was going somewhere with David and Bay, and she asked me for my cell phone number. I of course wrote it down for her and put it in her pocket. Well, that little sticker saved it. She uses it whenever she needs to "tell" on something that her Daddy is doing when I am not home. Once she called 4 times while I was at a Pampered Chef party to tell me just how awful her Daddy was acting. David had no idea she even had the phone. Recently, I also added May's number to her special scrap of paper, and she is forever sneaking off to call May to "tell" on me. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised, she is my daughter after all.

Spencer was not as interested in the phone. He just let Jessa be his spokesman. If David was acting up, he trusted Jessa to handle it and alert the proper authorities (you know, authorities like well, me. . .). But a few weeks ago, Spencer decided he wanted to be able to call May all by himself. At first, I would just tell him the numbers, and he would dial. This worked for a while. But you know, he is not a little boy anymore. Nope, he is 5. So one afternoon, he found me upstairs to tell me that he wanted to call May but that he had some trouble. I didn't question him. I just helped him on the upstairs phone and did not give it another thought. Later he mentioned that he had tried to dial her number, but it did not work. I grabbed the downstairs phone and scrolled through the "Redial" numbers.
And there it was.
These are the numbers that me sweet boy dialed trying to call his May:

In case you can't see it, he dialed 12-345-6789.
I cannot imagine why that did not work, can you?!

Immediately, I got an index card and wrote May's number and Mimi's number on it. I then taped it on the fridge at about Spencer's eye level:

I can tell you that he has already used it many time.
May and Mimi may not be too thrilled with my making it so easy for him to call them anytime the mood strikes him.
But those folks at 12-345-6789 are probably glad that he is not bothering them anymore, don't you think?

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