Sunday, November 16, 2008

10 ways to make unpacking interesting

Jessa and Spencer are very resourceful little people. We are spending almost all of our weekends at Ft. Stewart trying frantically to get every little thing unpacked, organized, and put away as fast as possible. I do not want the kids to miss school since they have to leave in January, but I want the house to be as settled as possible before the wonderful return of our David.

Unpacking is not that much fun for anyone, but it really not fun if you are a small person who does not understand all this moving stuff. BUT my precious children are creative and imaginative and for the most part are taking it all in stride. AND we still have not had the TV hooked up, so besides a lone DVD player in my bedroom, they have had to find things to do that were not TV related!

The only funny problem we had was when I told Jessa to get dressed to go to Wal-Mart shortly after we arrived on Friday. They had their school shirts on, which she did not want to wear Friday morning. I told her to put the dreadful thing back on after I had cruelly made her wear it all day. What is my problem? She sighed and as she was dragging herself down the hall to get it she hollered out, "Mom, this outfit makes me look RIDICULOUS!" Can't wait until she is a teenager!

And now for the list of ways to amuse yourself and make the drudgery of unpacking more interesting: (please pardon the occasional lack of clothing - sometimes dressing is just too much trouble, know what I mean?)

1. Pretend that the packing paper is snow and roll in it, throw "snowballs" with it and make snow angels with it.

2. Take advantage of the fact that all of the cooking pans, utensils, and pots are all out and easily accessible.
Voila, a pretend bakery is born!

3. Play dress up with oven mitts on your feet or wear your sister's princess dresses or even a towel (at least he is temporarily dressed. . .)

4. You can always roll around in the paper.

5. There is all this paper around, hey, why not color it?

6. When you are tired of playing, take a rest and catch a movie.

7. Chair spinning anyone???

8. Did I mention PAPER, CRAZY PAPER!?!?

9. You can always "help" mom and may unpack by sorting, yeah, that's it, sorting. . .

10. And after a long, hard day of unpacking, nothing is nicer than laying down to take a rest on an oh so comfy pile of . . . you guessed it
(seriously, I almost fell asleep!)

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kate said...

Ha ha ha! So cute -- I love this blog.