Thursday, November 13, 2008

Out of the mouths. . . (2)

I am constantly amazed with the things that they say and do.
Here are a few funnies before I forget them. . .

So I have mentioned that Jessa thinks that you "order" things from Santa instead of asking for things. And she and Spencer think that they want everything that is advertised, so I wanted her to give me some ideas. She spent an entire afternoon going through catalogs to cut out pictures of things that she wanted to "order" from Santa and then glue them to her list. The craziest things she cut out were from an FAO Schwartz catalog. She cut out some Madame Alexander Disney Princess Dolls that were $170 and a life size doll house that was $700. My favorite was a make your own ice rink! She said she really wants it. She just does not get it that we live in the south!! I said, it does not even get cold enough to snow here, and she said, "It does at Bay's house." She has a point. . .

She also cut out 6 or 7 different doll houses. She does love the one she has, so I asked her, "Why do you need more doll houses?" She replied, "Mommy, I want 38 doll houses. I want to make a whole street. I am obsessed with doll houses!" I guess she is!

Then there is Spencer. The other night he needed Jessa and me to be with him in the bathroom. I guess he needed moral support. So we were sitting on the side of the bathtub, supporting him, when he finished. So we started to cheer. We were clapping and dancing, and Jess said "hey mommy, let's do the gator chomp." So we did. And she said, "Look Spencer, we are gators!" To which my literal son replied rather loudly, "NO! YOU NOT GATORS! You HU-MANS! You MOMMY and JESSA!"

Spencer's use of prepositions is so funny. He always uses them, but never quite in the right context. Like when he goes to touch something of Jessa's, he will say, "If I play with it, Jessa will be mean at me!" Or "I want to sit to May."

Spence has also picked up on several phrases Jessa likes. My new favorite is "What's all the ruckus?" And Jessa likes to borrow phrases that I say like, "I have told you several times, mommy."

Jessa is very selfish and possessive of her things. He knows this. So on days when she is at school and he is not, he is in heaven because he can touch her stuff all he wants and she is not around to be "mean at him." But he always busts himself because the first thing he says is (in a nee-nee-nee-boo-boo voice) "Jessa, I played your. . ." and proceeds to tell her what he did. So the drama queen falls apart in the car on the way home. I try to get him to keep his mouth shut, but he is not into that. So yesterday, on the way to school,
Jessa said, "OK, Spencer, here are the rules. You cannot touch or play with my doll house. Say OK."
And he dutifully replied.
J: "And you cannot touch any of my barbies."
S: "OK Jessa."
J: And you cannot get on my bed or touch my things."
S: "OK Jessa."
J: You can play with trains and all of your boy stuff, but not my girl stuff, OK?"
S: OK Jessa
And the poor child did not even look at anything that was not his! He minds her so well. Maybe I should ask her what her secret is. . .
Then last night, Momma and I were talking about a miscommunication. And Jessa said, "Mommy, be nice to your mom. She is just an old woman!" Then she told Spencer, "Be nice to Mommy's Mommy, she is old." Momma was not even offended!

And the last one for now,

Last night, they had baby towels, you know with the hoods. They were pretending that it was raining and running around like crazy people. I herded them into the kitchen for their snack before bed. They both were sitting at the table while I was fixing their snacks for them. I was not paying much attention until I was headed back to the table with their goodies. And I was shocked to see that despite our best efforts at vaccination, the children had contracted a very serious case of chicken pops. Well, Jessa was worse than he was; she had a full blown case. He was just in the very early stages. I guess modern medicine cannot protect them against everything, right?

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kate said...

Ha! I especially love Jessa telling Spencer what he couldn't touch - that is totally great. LOVE.