Sunday, November 30, 2008

The fashionista and foot germs

Jessa has had on quite the outfits today. Spencer has worn very little. In my haste to get this house unpacked and in order, their attire is the very least of my concern. As long as I get them fed 3 times a day, to the potty as needed, and to sleep, I am happy. They are being GREAT helpers and have been getting along. We pulled a "Smurf" unpack last night. (picture all of the smurfs in a line passing a bucket of water down the line to put out a fire) I would open a box of toys and they would take what I handed them and hurry to the play room. It worked out very well!

Anyway, unpacking is always an adventure because you never know what you are going to find. We found Jessa's dress-up shoes and jewelry last night. This was very exciting. They have been having to make-do with just the dresses and no "slippers!" What a fashion faux pas! Jessa even slept in a lovely plastic necklace all night. Fashion is of the utmost importance to her, even in sleep.
This morning, the ensemble was this:

Not sure what the deal is with the hat, but it has been a fixture today.

Later in the day, she was reunited with her favorite pair of Belle Shoes. She LOVES these shoes. I have been scolded several times over the past few weeks for allowing the packers to pack them. As soon as she found them, she had to put on her Belle dress and dance! And when she plays dress up, Spencer plays, too. Bless his heart. Here he is after she dressed him as Sleeping Beauty with matching pink slippers, waiting his turn to dance. He eventually had to be the wicked stepmother. Don't worry, David will be home soon to "man him up!"

(The picture is grainy because I had to sneak up to catch it.)

So after we ate supper tonight, Jessa and I were still at the table and Spencer had wandered away.
J: Oh no, he is putting on my shoes! (the beloved Belle ones)
Me: That is OK, isn't it? (trying to encourage her to share willingly)
J: But mom, they already have MY foot germs.
S: Where? (looking in the shoes)
J: Oh they're in there.
Me: Well, it is true you cannot see germs.
S: I don't see them. (he is now turning the shoes upside down and concentrating trying to find them)
J: They are in there and they are crawling all around and they're going to get on you.
S: No they not. (checking out his shoes and now his feet, just to be sure)
J: I am warning you, you are going to get my foot germs.

"Beware of foot germs!"

Much to her dismay, Spencer apparently unfazed by the threat of Jessa's foot germs, threw caution to the wind and proceeded to put on the Belle shoes. He was very happy and proud that he was wearing her favorite shoes. I was also happy because she did not have a dramatic episode as he wore them (great progress!).
He thought they looked GOOD!
You cannot blame a girl for trying, right?

He wore them, foot germs and all for about an hour until she somehow coaxed them off of him.

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