Friday, November 7, 2008

I am getting old. . .

Happy Birthday to me! Yesterday, November 6 was my 33rd birthday. And Jessa told me "You sure are old, Mommy!" I told her that when compared to her, I guess I am.

I had a wonderful, yet typical mommy birthday. I spent the time while Jessa was back at school folding clean clothes and finally getting all the proper sheets back on the appropriate beds from our gastrointestinal woes earlier in the week. Whew! Jessa was so glad to be back at school, and I was so glad she was feeling better.

My sweet husband had a box delivered to be via UPS earlier in the week. He begged me to open it immediately, but I always like to wait until the actual day. It makes it more fun to have the anticipation. I love surprises and the waiting and wondering is half the fun. So he (who can never keep a secret or wait for anything) called extra early on Thursday to listen while I opened up the gift. It was a beautiful mommy pendant. He gave me one shortly after Jessa was born with a mommy and Jessa's birthstone. And I have felt guilty wearing it without Spencer's stone since he joined our family. Now I am all set because my new one has 2 birthstones for my two precious babies!

David has always been so sweet about my special days. He has thrown me parties, made me cakes, and once, he drove 70 miles from Ft. Eustis back to Ft. Lee to take me to a fancy restaurant for my birthday. He had to drive back to Ft. Eustis for a class by like 7 the next morning. He is so precious!

I was so touched about my beautiful necklace that I was shocked when the doorbell rang a few hours later and there was a big balloon bouquet that he had delivered as well!

I knew that there was method to his madness, but today he confirmed it. He went with balloons because he knew the kiddos would love to play with them!!!

My big birthday supper was at Moterrey's in Smyrna. My cool grandparents meet their best friends there every Thursday for Margaritas and a Mariachi band. So this week, Momma, Jessa, Spencer, Lucas, and I went, too. It was LOTS of fun. Mimi and Momma had a cake for me that was delicious, and I had a great day. I got lots of thoughtful cards and e-mails and phone calls, too! Thanks!!

Then today I got a to have a special lunch treat with one of my oldest friends. My college roomie met me and the kids at Chick-Fil-A and bought us lunch! We had a great time chatting and hanging out while the kids played. We had a fun afternoon that was the perfect ending to my birthday week.

And I want to leave you with this photo of me wearing the birthday sombrero while the band sang to me. I was a good sport, but after a while, I had to take it off. The darn thing is heavy!

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MaryBeth said...

Happy Belated Birthday!