Sunday, September 20, 2009


Poor Spencer. He is a He NEVER runs out of things to say. Ever. He has a comment on everything, i.e. opinions, observations, or sometimes just idle chatter. The boy has got a mouth on him. His teachers have even commented on how talkative he has become after a shy first few days. The main problem with this (besides our inability to get a word in edgewise, of course) is that Jessa is also quite chatty. She is older, and let's face it, he worships her, so she is always the loudest and always ends up being the one doing the talking. Bless his heart, most of the time he is OK with letting her have the floor.

Lately, though, he has started wanting to have his turn. He does not want to yield to her and her conversations. He tries to talk over her, which usually ends up with both of them trying to be loudest and me making trying to make them both hush. The latest trick that my sweet, smart boy has come up with is pretty clever. He started it about a week and a half ago in the car when Momma was still visiting us. He says, "attention, I have an ammouncement." Even Jessa usually quiets down immediately to hear this important thing that Spencer wants to "ammounce." Sometimes, we do not realize what he is saying and he has to get loud to demand our attention. Those are the times that once we are all quiet, he says, "Ooo. I forgot."

These ammouncements are usually nothing too exciting. Things like I like chocolate milk. Or did you see that spider? Or sometimes once we get quiet, it is just he needs to burp (this is the funniest of all ammouncements). But he relishes the undivided attention whenever he can get it.

This ammouncement was a dramatic reenactment of an actual ammouncement in order to preserve this phenomenon for posterity.

Besides ammouncements and perhaps along the same lines, he also has a lot of "guess whats." The other night Bay was driving him from church to Subway for supper. When we got out of the car, Bay was laughing and he said, "The length of time from church to this parking lot can be measured in about 8 'guess whats'." Great! A new form a measurement!

When he talks (which is like always, seriously), he is quite a character, too.

The other day, he came bursting into the kitchen and said, "Can I have some paper towels?" I said, "OK" and handed him some. As he took off running back into the den, he hollered behind him, "Thanks, mom, oh and don't look in here, OK?" OK.

His teacher was not there Monday morning.
Me: Spence, was Miss P not there today?
S: She left on an airplane.
Me: Oh, did Miss A have a helper?

I wanted to know if there was another teacher in the room. (I could not imagine handling all those 3 year olds with only one adult, so I was really worried about Miss A's sanity.)

S: Yep, Miss Angie did have a helper.
Me: What was her name?
S: It was not a woah-man.
Me: Oh, was it someone's Daddy that stayed to help?
S: (smiling) No, it was a boy.

I was confused, but I was thinking maybe a teenager or Miss A's own older child or something.

Me: Oh, a boy?
S: Yep, want to know what his name was?
Me: Yes, please!
S: (with the biggest, proudest grin EVER) Spencer.

That stinker was the special helper who held the flag during the pledge! So yes, he was Miss A's helper, but I never found out if Miss A had adult help or not. . . The boy can (and does) talk (and talk), but he still manages to leave out the important bits of information that I am most interested in.

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