Sunday, September 27, 2009

Girl cheese

I like a good grilled cheese sandwich. I mean, who doesn't, right? Many a night when David and I first got married, my gourmet supper offering was tomato soup and a grilled cheese.

I always remember liking grilled cheese. Momma used to make them for us all the time. But like so many other foods that "all kids like," my children have always been reluctant to give grilled cheese a try. I know. They both went through a phase with no french fries and Jessa still will only eat macaroni with no cheese, so I am aware they are a little nutty. Lately, I can use the "You used to love it" argument. Sometimes it is true, sometimes it is a clever ploy to get a few bites in their mouths. Because IF I can get a few tastes in their mouth, they normally realize that I am not as crazy as I look and I do know what they would like to eat. This is a fine line, though because if I make a big deal, Jessa will eat the required 2 bites and no more EVEN if she loves it. See, she cannot let me be right about anything. Comes with the territory when you have a teenager. Oh, wait, she is 5, my bad.

SO I offered to make them a grilled cheese the other night with a bowl of chili. They both declined and took the cornbread option. But Spencer's reasoning was a little strange. He told me, "those sandwiches are not for boys." I thought that was funny, and I had David vouch for me that he loves grilled cheese, and he is in fact, also a boy. Spencer was not having it.

Well, a day or so later, it was cool and rainy outside. I wanted something warm for lunch, so I thought of the old standby grilled cheese. I offered to make Spence one, too, and he of course, declined. He wanted "just yogurt" instead. Well, when I was eating my ooey, gooey, warm and delicious grilled cheese, he was staring at me. And he was quiet, which is so rare. I offered him a bite. He thought it over, and then reluctantly agreed to try "just one bite. "

After he ate about half my sandwich, he asked if he could have one, too. I smiled and headed to the stove. He then asked if I would please make him three. I told him we could take it one sandwich at the time. When David came in a few minutes later to pick up something at lunch, Spencer was carrying his sandwich into the kitchen. David asked him what it was and he said, "Oh, Mommy made me a girl cheese." Bless his heart, no wonder he did not want to give it a chance. I mean, it is in the name, right??

He enjoyed it, though. He ate every bite.

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